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I want to share the beautiful work of Rosie Music with you all. Rosie Music is one of the first art...

I want to share the beautiful work of Rosie Music with you all. Rosie Music is one of the first artists I stumbled upon when I first discovered Etsy. I was so excited when I first discovered Etsy...I had thought for awhile that there needs to be a site like ebay out there that is only for art and handmade. So finding Etsy was a dream and what followed was this blog and a reconnecting with that creative side.

So here we go....

Starting with my favourite of all, Snow Guitar Girl. This is an 8x10 print signed and dated. Its hard to say what exactly I love about this print, maybe it is the colour sceme (pink is my favourite colour) or maybe it is the cute hoodie, either way looking at her makes me smile!

Snow Guitar Girl by RosicMusic.etsy.com

And now we have other goodies....stickers, postcards and a fabric transfer. the fabric transfer is Redhead Girl.

Redhead by RosieMusic.etsy.com

in a way she reminds me of myself. I had Redish hair when I was younger...its true!! I still have the freckles to prove it. Also the knitting, my Nan taught me to knit when I was little, I remember the day clearly because she wasn't sure how to teach me being left handed. Together we figured out that I should sit opposite her and copy what she does.

And lastly two more of RosieMusic's prints that i have framed at home and on my bookshelves.

Too Shy & Lonely Umbrella by RosieMusic.etsy.com

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  1. I love that art work. I agree finding etsy was the best thing for me, and like you it started my blog and me wanting to draw and make things again. I find all the possibilities so exciting, and 'meeting' lots of like minded people is the best thing.

  2. This is lovely Liss. My Grandma taught me to knit too. "in, around, through & off".

    Love Kirsty


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