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I got these two cards off esty from Kelly of kjsdesign . Kelly is a freelance illustrator & desi...

I got these two cards off esty from Kelly of kjsdesign. Kelly is a freelance illustrator & designer from Tassie check her myspace here where you can see more of her work.

If you look closely at the top print you can see my puppy put her own little mark on there. I was so cranky at her....

To replace my doggie paw print, I got a limited edition print of "A little birdy told me..." this illustration is so precious! I love her pout and angelic expression.

In other news my sister's prints are now in a shop. They have come from internet land to physical land!! so if you want to hold and see the prints for yourself and see alot of other awesome art, go to 696 sydney Rd, Brunswick, you can also find Kelly's work here.

I went there on Saturday with my friend Sue and picked up a back copy of wooden toy. Ill scan some of the pages and post them soon, so everyone can see the awesomeness that is wooden toy.

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  1. i checked Kelly's etsy store today and seen that one of her prints sold and i thought....i bet that was Lissy!!!!....and it was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im sooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Liss,

    I followed your link to the Etsy. Her illustrations are quite breathtaking.


  3. Hi there, I found you via Mikes and had to leave a comment more on your name than the illustrations which are rather divine. I'm Melissa but have been called Liss my whole life by family and friends and have never met another so I'm most impressed!!! Especially a very talented one!!! A Liss in Darwin

  4. oh such lovely blogs and things to look at!!!
    Your jewelery is lovely liss!!
    I've just jumped on the blogging band wagon...i can't stop!!!
    Hope all is well your way!
    brooke and moca


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