In love with Polaroid

Thursday, August 23

Im in love with Polaroid photography, Ive been keeping my eye out for a secondhand camera on ebay....but really I have no idea what I'm after. I love the square composition of a polaroid and especially the magic of getting an instant image.
Someones work who inspires me is Pheebs. I love how she draws and sticks things onto her polaroid images. Here is a super short sample of my favourites of her work. I love most of her work and couldn't decide which to display here. So please go look at her Deviantart store and her myspace.


Happy Bunny Ears

Born Musical

hope you enjoy her work !!


  1. Hi Liss

    We've got a barbie polaroid at our place. These images are fun.

    Love Kirsty

  2. alrighty let's try again! hahahah
    thanks so much for this, you're so lovely!
    i got my close-up from ebay so i reckon that's a good way to go, keep a look out for one on there ^_^


  3. Hi Liss,

    Have you seen Grant Hamilton's flickr set?

    Great Polaroid shots here!

  4. or try this link ;)

  5. Hi Liss. Your site is completely joy-filled. Thank you for sharing beauty. If you haven't found your own polaroid camera yet or if you want to turn old photos into polaroids, I found this brilliant free download that I use to magic photos into polaroids. It's nifty:


  6. I love these. Im off to NYC this week so hoping to pick up some film (not available in uk!) x


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