Peek inside my art diary

Well now that I'm all in the creative vibe, I thought I would share with you some pages from my art diary. Now this is from a few years ...

Well now that I'm all in the creative vibe, I thought I would share with you some pages from my art diary. Now this is from a few years back when I had my own darkroom and was full in the swing of photography and wanting to become a photographer.

A big thanks to all those who left me comments of support, you've made me feel all inspired to share these pages with you. Let me know what you think.....

My hand writing is really messy but if you go to my flickr you can view a large size of each page and read and enjoy it closer.

My favourite photo in the corner.

Some inspiration from my dolly mag....yes I did read dolly back in the day. This was before wonderful mags like Frankie and YEN.

And lastly a test strip of a photo shoot which involved Kate getting into the bath fully clothed. I'm not sure why I came up with this idea, all I can think of is I must of been inspired by the above photo which also happened to be next to this shoot in my diary.

So what you think?

Ill post some more of my photography as the feeling arises. I'm still keeping my eye out for a closeup Polaroid camera on eBay. Once I have one I'm sure you will all be flooded with my good and not so good shots.

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  1. Yes please show us some more of your stuff! Isn't it interesting to go back and see your style from years gone by?
    I'm so glad i've found your blog. It's really given me some confidence to keep trying and creating. And I might even post some of my drawings from years ago. All the best!

  2. Beautiful photos Liss! :)
    I urge you to get that polaroid snapping!


  3. I know what you mean Liss - we all have to put our thoughts and images out there (here!) to get feedback and continue to feel inspired. Well done! x

  4. They are great, art diaries are always so interesting to look back on what inspired you, I think it is such a great idea to keep things from magazines or wherever that you like. Please show us some more pages : )
    I love your photographs, that must have been amazing having your own darkroom.

  5. The art diary does sound like a great idea. I like the proof strip of the photos in the bath. It is very ophelia-esque. I once did something like this and it was certainly fun.

  6. Hi. This isn't really a comment on your art diary. Why it is interesting. But I'm just new to this site and really confused as how I put myself out and let people see my blogs, or get followers etc. Would you be able to give me some tips as how you got so many followers and what it is I'm meant to do. Thankyou

  7. new in this blog things..and i found ur blog is soo much interesting...i like ur concept and ur creativity...

  8. start an online scan pages in...keep us posed. maybe choose a theme, or even just a certain color or number, and take pictures of those on a daily route..take us on a ride!


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