Its a good day

Ooo can things get any better then this??! I arrived home to find two parcels at my door. This one ...

Ooo can things get any better then this??! I arrived home to find two parcels at my door.

This one is from my friend Jags who Ive been friends with since primary school. Its a diary that we send back and forth to each other. Inside we write letters, do collages and stick other memories. It so fantastic and exciting to get it. I just want to sit down and read it all at once!

Heres a little peek inside.

The other package is an original art work from Catherine Campbell.
I took a quick close up so you can see how fine the lines are... ah so pretty.

Stick and Stones No.1 by Catherine Campbell

This work is Number 1 in the "Sticks and Stones" series. You can see more from this series on Catherine's blog.

Well I'm off to enjoy my parcels...

edit I just opened another parcel addressed to my boyfriend (I know Im bad) and it turned out to be my polaroid camera. excitement overload for me...where to start...

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  1. Wow you did have a great mail day! You should organise a swap of some sort that would be really cool : )

  2. thankyou, i'm glad you like her!
    That diary idea sounds great, it must be a treasure to find it in the mail box.
    p.s. just noticed you had a print gocco on your wishlist... me too!!

  3. how exciting! looking forward to seeing some polaroids on your blog soon, and that Catherine Campbell piece is so beautiful. it's been your lucky (mail) day!

  4. I love your diary idea... the exchange of something so personal and creative. My mind is searching for someone to share within my circle of trusted friends.

    Looking forward to Flashback Friday tomorrow.

  5. It sounds like you share a great friendship with your friend - it would make my day to find something in my mailbox like that.

    I'm still very old-world in the sense that I LOVE handwritten letters and parcels. * sigh *


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