Polaroid for me

Thanks to my boyfriend who is really ace with eBay stuff...I will be the proud owner of a Polaroid 6...

Thanks to my boyfriend who is really ace with eBay stuff...I will be the proud owner of a Polaroid 636 closeup. Yay for me!! so expect some snappy shots to fill my blog.
I think the film will end up costing me more then the camera did. But oh well....any one got some tips to help me? I have no idea where to start.

Kelly suggested I take some pictures of all the cherry blossoms which are out at the moment, she also showed me the work of a young Darwin girl Carissa. . how great is it !

these small pictures don't do her work justice I recommend you all check out her profile on Polaroid.net here

Well I love cherry blossoms so I'm sure there will be a picture of them somewhere along the way. Otherwise I'm keen as to do portraits with random scribblings applied.

Sue will you be my model?

this is Sue...she is radness she came to Meet Me at Mikes stitching with me last Thursday

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  1. You're a good dose of raddness yourself young liss, and stitching was so much fun :) you can take photos of me anytime.. aside from when im sleeping or showering or something.. that might be creepy BAHAH :D

  2. My girlfriend Stacey is a complete Polaroid nut, so she's enjoying the blossoms out at the moment.

    The great thing about Polaroid shots is that you can take a picture of anything and it turns out looking artistic ... there's just something about a Polaroid image.

    Happy snapping Liss!

  3. I agree with Ben about the artistic thing. Alex took some great looking shots when she was 4 with her polaroid. Might have to dig it out.

  4. Liss, you can get the owl from Pip's blog, you might have to google "the owl and the pussycat" to find it. I printed it out A4 then photocopied it to A3. It's about 25cm high after sewing but I think I could have left a larger seam allowance. I hope to finish him tonight - he is a bit rough but rather sweet!
    Congrats on the polaroid - how good are useful and nifty boyfriends?!
    chat soon :D

  5. I might suggest taking some Polaroid's of some of Melbourne's finest public bathrooms. I'm a fan of the bathrooms of Bimbo Delux and The Provincial. It would be great to make a coffee book out of all the cool loos.

    Talking of photos... do you mind sending me a quick update on your chosen theme for Flashback Friday this week?



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