Ok Ive been tagged by Brooke and Catherine . Ive done this tag thing before here ....and decided that we've all done it and I feel lik...

Ok Ive been tagged by Brooke and Catherine. Ive done this tag thing before here....and decided that we've all done it and I feel like a change. So Ive decided to change the rules....yes I'm a rule breaker from long back. So here are the new rules.

9 Images that describe you.

step 1. You use this program mosaic maker (or something else if you wish) to create a tile 3x3 of images that describe you. They can be habits you have, things you make, or facts about you.
For some inspiration or idea see this flickr group.
step 2. Index your mosaic tile...by writing as little or as much as you want about each image.
step 3. Tag some of your friends that would like to do it...4 is a good number (more if you like).

about my images ..

1. vintage crockery...I have an odd collection of plates and mugs....I go to the opshop and buy one of each that I like. Will make for an interesting dinner party.

2.Swap Cards....I collect them (anyone want to swap?)

3.My photography....I love photography, studied it in high school and uni also had my own darkroom for a few years...then we moved house.

4.I share a diary with my best friend Jagdeep. We send it back and forth in the mail

5.Day Spas...each birthday my boyfriend gets me a voucher for the day spa..best birthday ever.

6.Buttons...I love them, and like to collect them (these ones are from my folk lovers store)

7.Art House movies....Im a huge fan of Nova and Dendy

8.illustration (by my folk lover)...Im in love with illustration in particular My Folk Lover , My Charlie Girl and Kelly's.

9.cupcakes (by Linny)...I have a really sweet tooth! love chocolate, cake,icecream....mmm

I tag, Kelly, Bec, Catherine Campbell and One Little Acorn.

enjoy...I hope your all keen to have a go. It was alot of fun making this mosaic.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my cupcakes in your mosaic!
    Your little cupcake brooch is now on its way to you. xx

  2. Love the idea and will try and do it myself... When I get the chance! Loved your list/mosaic and the visual connection with your words. I'll definitely be back.

    Thanks for dropping by to say hello.

  3. Oh great idea to mix it up and change the game, I love your crockery, I collect cut glass and milk glass and I love the mix and match effect. The hearts are fantastic.


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