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Whilst at borders on the weekend I found the most beautiful magazine ever, Oh it is just so pretty. ...

Whilst at borders on the weekend I found the most beautiful magazine ever, Oh it is just so pretty. It's a UK magazine called Lula and only on its 5th edition. This issue is extra special as Kirsten Dunst is guest editor, so it's full of articles about her movies, life, friends and just everything that is this young, creative intelligent girl.

I have to share some scans with see more from the current issue go here. or click to see larger images.

You can have a peek inside the old issues of Lula on there website.

Ah too pretty for words....

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  1. Oh how gorgeous, I love Kirsten Dunst, I think she is so beautiful and I've loved everything she's done. I hope this edition is still available in a week or so, so I can track it in Borders in sydney when I am there.

  2. Looks gorgeous, what a great find. I wonder how often it comes out? It could be my in between Frankie mag!!

  3. I saw this in Japan and regretted not buying it! It's so lovely isn't it.
    Glad I can get it here :)

  4. oooh i love kirsten. She's amazing. I really like that picture from the virgin suicides too. I watched her recently when she was very little in interview with a vampire. She commands attention and respect even as such a young child. she's spectacular. xxx

  5. ooh, I've been admiring that issue too! I saw it at Borders, but I thought it was a little pricey so I just flipped through in store.
    I love the stunning pictures.

  6. Off to Borders I go!

    go to for info on one day resin courses.

    If you do it,let me know what you thought!

    Hollie xx

  7. aww i went hunting in borders today for this sweet magazine and it was nowhere to be found, which one did you find it in? AND the new frankie cover looks yummy, might have to make a trip into the city for an early copy too :)

  8. I have the one with the Pink Lula if you would like it! I am moving house soon! Toooo many mags to cope with!

  9. Your so generous Pip, I would it if your willing to part with it. I actually called magnation asking if the had any old issues...but they had sold out :-(

  10. my friends in this magazine! she looks like a doll:) her names sian


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