I {HEART} Japanese craft

My very first Japanese craft book arrived yesterday, so exciting :-) I now have my very own...inste...

My very first Japanese craft book arrived yesterday, so exciting :-) I now have my very own...instead of just drooling over them at stitching nights. It's so SO super cute and even better then I was expecting. Also you can see a Clover stitching pattern on top of the book....I love the birds in the tree and the birdcage too, these will be stitched onto many things around my house.....untill my boy can't handle anymore cute stitching.

I ordered my japanese goodies through Superbuzy, and I can say I'm very pleased with the service and quality of stock they have.

But if your after some Japanese material, Kwoozy has some great stuff for sale through her blog shop.

I did try taking some pictures of inside the book, but I'm not too good with this new photo editing software and they turned out funny. I'm more of a scanner person I think. So I ll scan some pages soon !! promise.

and in other news...the rescued dollhouse has found a new home with Pip, where it can be loved and cared for.

xx Liss

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  1. I always wondered where to buy the japanese craft books, I keep seeing them on blogs and they always look so wonderful, I am going to have to check it out, thanks Liss : )

  2. Japanese crafts books are so exciting! I have 9 of them now - eep! The first ones were ordered through the Japanese bookshop that was here in Melbourne and has since closed down. Just the other week though I ordered two mroe from Kinokuniya Sydney, and they arrived nice and quick! I think that's the only way to get them from somewhere within Australia.

    I don't have any embroidery books though - your one looks cute and I love the Clover patterns!

  3. oh thanks Emma, I hadn't found an Australian stockist..Ill look what they have.


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