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1. shiny , 2. polka dot memo , 3. heart sunnies , 4. sea sister , 5. Untitled , 6. Illustration Friday: SPROUT , 7. teaandtitsdetail , 8. y...

1. shiny, 2. polka dot memo, 3. heart sunnies, 4. sea sister, 5. Untitled, 6. Illustration Friday: SPROUT, 7. teaandtitsdetail, 8. you're the one that make me, 9. rainy days (green), 10. airfish, 11. Always, 12. game hunter, 13. cupcake, 14. Shaded Ladies 1, 15. pistachio..., 16. Lollypop Angie

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Its that time of year when you look back and reflect on what you have done, mistakes you've made, the good things and everything in between. This year has been alot about finding my inner creativity again. I thought id share some of the art that has helped inspire me throughout the year and hopefully you can find your own inspiration from it.

Also my sister is having a giveaway on her blog to celebrate 101 sales on Etsy...if you like her art or you just wanna have a here.

ahh what a lovely year it has been

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  1. a great selection! so much talent out there...
    love 'Always' - stunning work!
    your sisters work is gorgeous too!

  2. your love of art is inspiring! :)
    thanks for popping me in your selection xx

  3. what an awesome idea for a post! it looks great!

    and thank you so much for posting me! its weird to see such an old drawing actually.

    and its weirder that my little work is there next to the very original by catherine that i have hanging on my wall :D

  4. you reaally should if you get the chance! they are great!!!!!!!!

    enjoy your sunday!

  5. I've always loved Stella's "Always" painting :-)

  6. There's just so much lovely work out there, putting it together like that looks fantastic. A great idea to look back at what you have loved.


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