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Ive been meaning to blog about the VRAW website for awhile, so here I go...before I forget. You can...

Ive been meaning to blog about the VRAW website for awhile, so here I go...before I forget.

You can find some great wallpapers on the website that are one offs from Aussie artists designed specially for VRAW. You can find Kelly Smith, Bec Winnel and Ali j on there to name a few.

Also check out the gallery section of VRAW, its a good place to find some new Australian art and creative talent. Pictured is a feature on Renee Ann.

Also I'm very excited to see Kelly in this months YEN mag, I'm going to get myself two where I can cut out the images, the other to keep untouched...hehe. I never chop my Frankie and YEN mags !

Have a sneak peek at the current issue here.

In other news, Ive been busy figuring out Christmas and whats happening and booking my first proper holiday in two years. I'm going to Thailand in March next year, Yah !!! It's going to be great because my friend Jagdeep is there training for the month of march and I will be meeting up with her. Fun times !!!! I'll be sure to blog and put photos up whilst I'm there (well thats if I find time..hehe). Well it's still months away, but I hope the time goes quick, cause I'm so so so wanting a holiday.

enjoy your sunday

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  1. hey hey
    thank you very much for your comment!! i was very excited, and yes, woo for shacking the can.

    I am such a big fan of your blog and I am so excited to see my little work on your page!! wow! thank you so much.

    And so very jealous of your holiday planning, i am looking forward to doing the same very soon

  2. hehe, I have a bad habit of chopping pretty images from my magazines... I realize I shouldn't have done that when I tried reselling them recently.

    Thailand sounds amazing, be sure to take lots of pics!

  3. I'm also a magazine chopper, I can't stand to leave all the pretty prints and photos hidden away in the magazines so I just hack them up and display them proudly on my walls

    I thought I'd pop in to mention that I'm actually on the Frankie forum and Kelly Smith is a member on there too, everyone is very excited that she's in Yen. Oh and thanks for the heads up on the V-raw wallpaper, I have her on my desktop now :)

  4. Hi Fibo, Im on the Frankie forums user name is LilyAriel. Im going to go have a look at them now :-)


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