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If your like me and get really frustrated by the packed out shopping centres around Christmas time, ...

If your like me and get really frustrated by the packed out shopping centres around Christmas time, then online shopping for Chrisy presents is a great choice. Here are a few AUSSIE online boutiques where I will be doing my shopping.

Moose....full of creative talent! Get a print from an emerging artist, or a unique handmade piece of jewellery. My personal favourite being Allira Tee "boy and balloon" . Each purchase comes with a small Artist Profile so that you can become an expert on the pieces you purchase and hopefully be inspired to champion creativity in your own life.

some designers you'll find: Kelly Smith, Dapple Grey, Allira Tee, Drink Me Alice, Sean Morris

Fallow , opening today !!! ................. decadent jewellery, luscious leather handbags, quirky accessories and homewares are lovingly hand picked locally and globally.
some designers you'll find: Pratten, Lalaine Masone, Luxe Acessories, Poppies for Grace, drink me alice, Kelly Smith and many more.

Im hoping Sanata brings me a drink me alice necklace for christmas :-)

LeeLoo... brand new place where treasures from emerging Australian designers and artists can become yours!
stocks exclusive and one-off items which won’t be found anywhere else, this is what makes LeeLoo unique. I know as My sister created exclusives for LeeLoo.
some designers you'll find: Fine Cloth, Heartbreaker, Miss Abigail, sweet dreams & monsters, Alyoisius Spyker, Quiff Designs, Cat Davison, Much Love, Suga*N*Spice, Erin Jane, tuttifruiti, My Charlie Girl

Some of my favourite picks from the store

1. Bernie by My Charlie Girl
2. Shhhhh Secret Squirrel Button Ring by Much Love
3. Cukcoo Clock Brooch by sweet dreams & monsters

Happy Christmas Shopping, I hope you've taken the pledge !

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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  1. oooh, my little squirrel made it to your list. We feel honored! hehe...


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