Make My Day award

A while back I got a Make My Day Award by Angela. *shucks* : ) Thank you Angela! The Purpose of thi...

A while back I got a Make My Day Award by Angela. *shucks* : ) Thank you Angela!

The Purpose of this Award is as follows:-

'Give the award to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware, you may get this award several times'.

Anyways I'm going to give you 8 special blogs (sorry I know its meant to be 10) that I really enjoy looking at and reading.

so here we go

* tummy-ache - Amy's blog, I'm in love with her owls...I got a pink one for my best friend Sue, and she loves it too.

* three buttons - Sending the award straight back to you :-) . Angela always has something lovely on her blog, and she takes great pictures.

* my folk lover - one of the first blogs I started reading, and the first artist I got an original piece from.

* Cherry Fields - A new blog Ive been reading by Artist Melissa Haslam. WOW, this girl and draw and paint!!!

* with love and squalor - another of my faviourite artists.....she is just amazing.

* indie art and design - lovely indie art and handmade craft. Awesome taste!!!!

* Birdy & Me - art by Tassie artist Kelly Smith, read her blog, comment her, show love.... ;-)

* My Charlie Girl - what can I say, shes my sis and she rocks!

enjoy xo

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  1. Thank you Liss! I've just posted my own selection - of course, your blog would have been on my list but you got in first :)

  2. Thankyou Liss! I hope you have a fantastic time in Thailand :)

  3. thanks liss! i'm a big fan of yours too :)

  4. Your Blog is really pretty. I like ur pics a lot. So cute! Wish u find best thing in life :)


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