Im looking forward too....

Issue 5 is almost here... Some of the amazing artists taking part in 2008 include : Maria Vittoria Benatti-Italy / Kukula-Israel / Kat Von...

Issue 5 is almost here...

Some of the amazing artists taking part in 2008 include:

Maria Vittoria Benatti-Italy / Kukula-Israel / Kat Von D-USA / Fontaine Anderson-AU / Eleanor Yap-AU / Amy Sol-USA / Susan Belle-USA / Courtney Brims-AU / Betsy Walton-USA / Kelly Smith-AU / Arlene Rieneke-Singapore / Kareena Zerefos-AU / Evi O-AU / Irana Douer-Argentina / Rebecca Orszag-AU / Miné Jonker - South Africa / Eleanor Yap-AU + MORE (I know a few more......shhh)

See photos from the LAUNCH EXHIBITION HERE.

...I cant wait to get my own copy !!

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  1. i want a copy too - do you have any of the previous ones? ive seen Cruvy 3 at Borders...

  2. Thanks for your comment and adding me to your blogrole :) I'm feeling the bloggy love these days it's fantastic, now that I actually know people are reading my blog it's giving me the motivation to post more often and as a result do more interesting things so I can write about them!

    Also thanks for your advice on the camera, I've heard the Canon lens' are pretty crappy so that's why I was leaning towards a Nikkon, so now I think I'll get one for sure.. if I get a new camera that is hehe.

  3. It looks great. Welcome home Liss.

  4. hi liss,
    yeah it was at the city Magnation. Last time I went they didn't have as many backissues anymore, but you never know when you'll find something.

  5. Taaag you're it, sorry for commenting twice haha.

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