For the love of light : A tribute

I found this a while ago via this talented lady . And its been in my "too blog about" list...

I found this a while ago via this talented lady. And its been in my "too blog about" list for awhile. Id forgotten all about it untill I was reminded by 16 Bluebirds and Hila, thanks :-). Now I can get my copy before they all sell out.

For the Love of Light is a collaboration of 25 polaroid photographers to bid farewell to the beloved polaroid. Including one of my favourites, Cori Kindred.

There is only 500 individually numbered copies available through the website, you can get your copy here.

ah we will miss you Polaroid !!!

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  1. i heart your blog! def come back soon regularly :)

  2. Your blog inspires me. I love seeing new posts. I have been watching your blog and it has guided me into blogginess. I am hooked.

  3. I'm glad my post reminded you :) I can't wait to get the book!
    But I was also thinking, surely some ingenious person will find a way around the whole thing, and the polaroid will continue - or maybe I'm just being too optimistic. Polaroid photos are so lovely, I hate to think this will be the last of them.

  4. I'll miss polaroid too. I'm thinking a bit glass half full like Hila - surely someone will save Polaroid.


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