I want

good morning by naa studio by bird in the hand to know where I can get some cute little pegs to make an inspiration wall like these.

good morning by naa

to know where I can get some cute little pegs to make an inspiration wall like these.

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  1. I got some from Spotlight and i think some patchwork of craft shops have them.

    Some dollar type shops also stocks them in the craft section.

    They're cute hey!!

  2. Hello! I just found your blog yesterday, it's lovely & you put me on to a great artist! Corey Arnold, thanks so much!
    You can buy cute mini pegs from Kikki K, in NZ you can get them even cheaper in the $2 shop, but I'm not sure if you have those...

  3. hello new blog readers. ;-)

    ill be sure to have a peek at your blog too.

    and thanks for the tips on where to get tiny cutie pegs from.

  4. Yep Kikki.K. have some sweet pegs - I bought some for the very same reason :)

  5. I have been meaning to do this. My roommate is being replaced by someone more artsy so I will have more freedom with decor.
    I keep falling in love with your blog more and more everyday!

  6. oh thanks Kirtida, you made me smile. I'm glad your enjoying my blog!!!

  7. Hey! I've lurked around your blog for while now. Your related to Bec Winnel? =) I bought a print off her.

    Anyway, it seems as though everyone mentioned the places I would have said. Dollar stores or Kikki K which are around $9.95 for 20 I think but I bought mine at a dollar store for $2 for 50 tiny pegs!


  8. I have some pegs like that Lissy. For the same purpose, mind you I don't think i'll ever get it done.

    I've collected a bajillion pictures to frame for the new walls. I'm collaging. Haha.

    I love your recent posts. Only just caught up on everything.


  9. hi Gracie, yes shes my sister :-)

    Kelly - awesome, show me pictures once you get it done. I'd like to do the collage thing too. but I get scared that I can't pull it off.

  10. I am totally going to copy you.



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