so I have a confession

I hate baking. Actually its more then that, I detest it. Give me someone else's baked food any day but just don't ask me to bake. ...

I hate baking.

Actually its more then that, I detest it. Give me someone else's baked food any day but just don't ask me to bake.
I feel inadequate to my fellow baking bloggers. Did I somehow miss the baking gene? cause my mum bakes, and so does my nan. But my sister and I, nope no baking happening here. In fact its not just baking, we don't cook either. Lucky we both have lovely boyfriends who don't mind cooking.

My last endevour to bake proved disastrous...I got myself a copy of the Frankie cookbook and picked out the easiest possible recipe to make, chocolate balls.

Do you think I could even make that? nope. They didn't taste anything like the chocolate balls I remember nan making.

so There I said it. I don't do baking. please don't think any less of me.

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  1. *shakes head*
    I am shocked and appalled. ;)

  2. Its ok. You're not alone. Thank God you said so... I can now admit that I 'm not much of a cook too! I only make cupcakes twice a year tops. Same old recipe...not really springy n soft like they should be.
    How was the book? Got good pics?

  3. AMEN! I hate it, too. No worries--- there is take-out for people like us! ;)

  4. oh Im so happy to hear that other bloggers don't cook!!!

    Kitrtida - yes the pictures are so so pretty, really its just a picture book for me now. hehe.

  5. Hi there, thanks for commenting on my blog! I do bake, but it's definitely not my favourite thing to do. Way to precise for my liking. Muffins and cookies are my preference: there's heaps of room for error with those ;-)

  6. Hehe...well I guess it's not for everyone. And why would you need to when you have a boyfriend that cooks, you lucky thing!

    Here's a thought: maybe the recipe in the frankie cookbook was faulty. Maybe? :)

  7. Well I never!! Forget that I'm not visiting your blog again! : )

    Angela xx

    Wait till after 30 you may find you love it!!

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