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Gecko's bookstore in Chiang Mai It really difficult to single out a favourite travel memory but Ill try. So I'm going with my most r...

Gecko's bookstore in Chiang Mai

It really difficult to single out a favourite travel memory but Ill try. So I'm going with my most recent travels to Thailand. I started by traveling around the south with my boyfriend on one of those organised tours. After he left I stayed on for a few weeks to meet up with my bestie in Bangkok.

Bangkok being a dirty smelly place was really unappealing to spend 2 weeks in. So I booked myself a flight to the North and went on an adventure. This turned out to be the best decision I could of made. I based myself in Chiang Mai and traveled to see the hill tribe peoples and the Golden triangle. But the real highlight was the town of Chiang Mai itself. This little place was packed full of book stores and art galleries, my perfect place !

The picture is of a book store that I spent ages looking through. All the books in the store were left behind by other travelers. You could buy a book and then return it later getting half your money back. I loved the idea that I could pick up a book that was read by another traveler, and perhaps even brought over from their own country, and now left for me to find.

Thanks Hila for this weeks theme.

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  1. It sounds like such a lovely place- and away from the insanity of Bankok

    What a great store. I can see why you spent ages there.

    I love the idea of reading a book left behind by another traveller too. Like the book has its very own interesting history.

  2. I love the idea behind that book store, how wonderful. I remember when I was staying at a hostel in Nice they had a whole bookshelf of travel guides that you could swap for your old one, it was great! Sadly I already had ones for where we were going and they were brand new so I wasn't quite ready to part with them!

  3. Oh wow. That reminds me of the Topi Inn library on the East Coast of Bali. They had all sorts of books. I loved it! What book did you get?

  4. This is such a lovely post. There's a similar type of bookstore in Exeter and I remember thinking it was such a good idea. And I love your photo! Glad you enjoyed this week's theme :)

  5. What a great find. The history of where the book has been would definately make good reading too!

  6. Kirtida - I got a few books. Memory Keepers daughter, The Alchemist and Shantaram. im reading shantaram at the moment.

  7. What is Memory Keepers Daughter about? And do tell me how Shantaram is going.. I need to get a new bigger bookshelf.

  8. Oh i know.. northern thailand is by far the most beautiful part of the country. I actually called Chiang Mai home for two months last year on this amazing trip my school offers... I miss that place everyday. By the end of 2 months it almost felt like home... I miss it everyday.


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