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polaroid by collie In my days of living at home whenever I complained about something, my mum wou...

polaroid by collie

In my days of living at home whenever I complained about something, my mum would say with this condescending tone and roll of the eyes "wait till your out in the real world, then you'll know what life's all about !".

I'm still not sure what my mum meant by that, but I think this Polaroid might explain a bit of it.

How terribly depressing, anyone wanna sell everything, buy a van and drive around Australia?

If not then at least check out more of Colie's polaroids at her flickr.

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  1. Oh Liss you read my mind with this post!

    I have been feeling so drained by work I am not sure if it's winter blues but that can't help.

    I wish my life was a cartoon fairytale- all playing in the sunny woods with bunnies and squirells.

  2. Totally agree, I bags front seat!

  3. Im coming for sure! Can i bring my surfy guy and 3 babies? They are heaps of fun-but a bit messy!

    Life can be very blah sometimes cant it? The real world is NOT where i want to live!

  4. A friend of mine recently quit her job to travel around Australia in a Kombie! I think it is the best idea ever, and have every intention of doing it as well...one day soon!

  5. Aaa! This is something I havent been writing about. But I had some tragedies this year and a friend has invited me to drive across the Nullarbor!
    Its very hollywood the way it has turned out. Spot on Liss!
    Lets not be boring.

  6. that polaroid is so true. damn, i need a holiday!

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  8. thanks heaps :) for posting my photo.

    my photostream is fully open for your use at any time.

    p.s. i would totally be your polaroid photojournalist for this roadtrip escapade.

    sound good?!

    <3 colie


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