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0195 by emiliebjork So I'm back back from spending 2 weeks on the road with end destination ...

0195 by emiliebjork

So I'm back

back from spending 2 weeks on the road with end destination sunny Qld. Lots of good times had and stories to tell (which I will get around to doing so soon), but ultimately I am back to reality now and life must continue.

Some huge changes are happening in my life and I don't know whether to laugh, scream, cry or run around with excitement. Today I start a new job. I'm moving buildings and offices, I just saw my new desk and I want to cry. I'm going from a very private closed office, to an open desk opposite the meeting room. I feel my blogging it going to suffer greatly from this move. So you'll all have to bare with me until I adjust to my new environment and blogging routine. I guess I'm going to become more of a lunchtime or after work poster.

The second thing happening is I need a new housemate, the boy is gone.

so bring it on, bring on change, bring on life......bring on living.

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  1. and that it does !! Good luck today with your new job and all the changes in your life. you are a smart cookie and i know you will be ok and im always here if you need me for anything. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS. Ring moi tonight and tell me about your new job :) xx

  2. Welcome back :)
    I know how you feel - there's been so many changes in my life this year, both good and bad, that one week I'm happy and the next I want to cry. But hang in there - I hope you enjoy your new job and find a housemate soon!

  3. Welcome back - hope you had a good break. Good luck with all the changes in your life - might not seem like it now, but they can be exciting and you never know where they will lead.

  4. Welcome back, Liss! Good luck with your new job and finding a new housemate. I believe in fate so I'm sure all the changes in your life will be for the best :)

  5. Good luck on your new job!
    I know how hard changes can be, but it can also be a sweet adventure if you want it to be :)

  6. wow it is all happening. i hope things settle soon and you stop feeling yourself in a whirlwind. glad you ahd a good holiday.

  7. hey....its all good. Learning,embracing,challenging,growing.


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