bedroom by *Alieen I couldn't resist sharing another one of these peggy pictures with you all...

bedroom by *Alieen

I couldn't resist sharing another one of these peggy pictures with you all. I'm totally obsessed and I wont give up till I have my own.

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  1. all the pictures you have posted make the pegs look so pretty {I have had them in my office for a long time but from necessity} thank-you for the inspiration to jaZZ it up- find some pretty mini pegs and make is a design choice instead of just somewhere to hang my stuff! xo
    p.s. looking forward to a pick of your place when you do get them;)

  2. thanks ashley. I'll post a pic for sure once i finally make one.

  3. I have a bunch of polaroids from the last couple of weeks sitting on my coffee table and I think I might have to join the peg bandwagon and do the same thing

  4. These peggy photos are my favourites out of all the peggy photos you've shown :)
    Have fun decorating!

  5. I am also obsessed. Not just with pegs, but with Polaroids too. I'm going on ebay right now to get myself a Polaroid camera before they become completely extinct. Any tips on which type is suitable for dreamy looking happy snaps?

  6. hey suzie, i got the close-up version because i wanted to do portraits. and thats what was recommended to me. it has a little slider to you can do close-up or normal. ive been very happy with it.

  7. I have quite a collection of photos (prints and instant) and now all i need are pegs and string!
    I asked around and apparently polaroid are still going to produce for another 12 months, although officially closed from now.
    I bought most of my polaroid cameras (12 in total) from op shops for around $4.
    I have the One600 brand new which is very simple to use. I would love to use that close up one tho.
    And anybody have the passport one (2x2)?

  8. Beautiful!
    I really love your blog, so pretty and sweet!:)


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