You can have the life you want My new moto, found here .

You can have the life you want

My new moto, found here.

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  1. Good for you! Its definitely the best place to start. Cute pic btw.

  2. love the premise, and great shot too!

  3. Good moto!! Im guessing there must be a special meaning for your picking that piccie??

  4. ahhhhhhh thats what they all tell us when we're little and naive.

  5. hey young mind - I think it depends how you take the quote. If you dont also realise that having the life you want can require discipline and hard work then yes, it can be seen as nieve.

    but I like to believe that you can have what you want if your willing to put yourself out there and get it.

  6. pure moto.
    i guess it means, you take what you get in life and just use it,
    every thing has a meaning in life, and it's also a reason.

    no matter what you do, it effects later on..


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