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I'm needing some inspiration. art by

I'm needing some inspiration.

art by

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  1. If you need inspiration have a look at this

    I have just discovered her whilst bored at work- her work is so dreamy and I think it's right up your alley!

  2. ooo... yes I do love, so dreamy and enchanting.

    I must start creating right now !

    thanks morganna :-)

  3. This is quite inspirational. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sure you will not be uninspired for much longer.

  4. oh i love these!!

  5. wow these are wonderful!! it makes me want to go get me pens and pencils!!
    thanks for what you said about my blog! i am sooooo in love with yours!! its amazing! if you wanna trade links, that would be fab!! i will be coming back to visit your blog alot!! :D

  6. Gorgeous!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing, darling!

  7. Whenever I need inspiration I know I can visit your blog or your sister's blog! Hope you are well Liss xo

  8. I'm in love with these type of pictures would you mind tellng me where you find them or what you search for? by the way you're blog is very quirky

  9. wow, fantastic, I love these.

  10. hi Imogine In Acid , i find alot of art and inspiration via deviantart and flickr.

    Inside the Cabinet of Wonder ~ aw thanks *blushing* and yes id love to trade links.

  11. The third one is gorgeous! Where do you find such lovely artwork? I love the combination of photography, illustration and collage. <3

  12. wow, you put my artwork here
    thanks, its an honor :P
    im tartantoes and i have a blogspot too

  13. hi tartantoes,
    I love your artworks. They are so inspiring to me!!
    nice to me you x


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