daydreamlilys says:

outdoor home by lenaah the TV post is a true story, its going to hard rubbish tonight I'm in...

outdoor home by lenaah

  • the TV post is a true story, its going to hard rubbish tonight
  • I'm in search of a new housemate
  • my computer wont start (I want to throw it off a tall building, got any in mind?...maybe we can film it and post it to youtube)
  • my internet doesn't want to work. So Ive been restricted to blogging only at work
on a happier note.

I've been very inspired by these blogs... (my current topshelf).

I'm keen to widen my columns now, that way I can fit bigger images in a post.

whatdaya think?

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  1. do it, then tell me how to do it. i want wider too, for bigger pics :)

    bye bye tv set, it was nice to know you but you have died and are going to TV heaven.


    PS, hahahaha, the word verification for my comment nearly spelt penis!

  2. lenaahs work is so so beautiful,
    so is your blog.

  3. love love and i am still in love with your super cute blog! :)

  4. if you decide on a building i will join you and throw my work one off it too!and soon i won't even have jess to complain to at work :(

    so sad!

  5. Isn't Mila's blog great?
    I love this photo!

  6. I feel honoured.. thanks! Makes my day a little bit more sunny, even though it's raining!


  7. Gorgeous picture and thanks so very much for mentioning my blog.
    You're so sweet!! <3


  8. bigger columns are good.
    how do you do that?

  9. miss lily
    thousand threads led me down the garden path to your blog. what joy! you made me smile on this dark night with your daily dreamings. AND also you mentioned something about looking for a housemate? so i thought because im looking for a room in a house with heart and creativity and possibly even a fig tree or a little cat...maybe we could have a cup of tea and discuss daydreams sometime? Maybe.
    x leah
    p.s. i have been a lazy blogger and my blog is very un-up-to-date and not as pretty as id wish...yet! But have a look if you like:)


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