Meredith Kleinman

Came across her via Monomelodie blog . I love her eclectic vintage style, its exactly how I wou...

Came across her via Monomelodie blog.
I love her eclectic vintage style, its exactly how I would choose to decorate my own home.

I already have the white bedspread with vintage pillows. I'm now in the hunt for a vinatge mirror for my dressing table area.

see more on flickr or Design*Sponge feature.


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  1. yer its really nice. i have a vintage mirror at mums :)

  2. glad you like the post so much.
    fantastic backyard, right?
    i would love to spend all day there,
    bathing in the sun.

    i'm going to link you on my blog list.

    xo, cassaundra

  3. what a dreamy place- would be pleased to spend my waking moments in a room like that!
    thanks for the sweet comments on my wall Liss, the heart shaped picture thingy came from inspiration on your blog;)
    xo ashley

  4. oh my gosh! i love this post... and your blog! both incredible. i especially like your blog title/banner! very well done!

    stop by my blog sometime and say hello! :)

  5. Wow, so beautiful...
    Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous images, dear...


  6. These are lovely. You've had lots of lovely things to share lately.


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