100 galloping horses

Ann Wood created 100 of these galloping horses for an exhibition in LA last year. Whats even mor...

Ann Wood created 100 of these galloping horses for an exhibition in LA last year. Whats even more impressive is that each horse is hand painted and unique dotting its very own name. I would of loved naming them all......You can see all the horses on her blog here.

Ann also creates the most adorable little birds and owls (my favourite) which she sells through her etsy store.

(images from here)

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  1. oh my, those horses are gorgeous! absolutely.
    i found those birds too, so cute.

    you have uch lovely things always.

    i've tagged you... :)

  2. Awwwwww if would have loved to have had those over my wall when i was little! So pretty!

  3. these horses are beautiful, i really want them on my walls!! so very sweet.
    loving your blog as normal. glad to hear about the juno love! :D

  4. oh oh and OH!! i LOVE those birds! I am a birdie fanatic. thank you for the direction :)

  5. wow
    those are adorable, it would be brilliant to have all those horses on my wall..

  6. When I saw the pic of the birds, I immedietaly blurted out, "Oh my God how cute"

  7. beautiful designs and a beautiful blog, all round.

    Nice work!!

  8. oh my, i adore those horses! it must have been so much fun naming them all! i would have named one vanilla.

    hej! i just noticed u have a facebook, i'll add you so we can be friends there are as well n_n

  9. Oh...so lovely!
    I adore those little birdies...

    Good luck selling your camera, dear!


  10. Wow, those are really cool, both of them.

  11. the horses are simply brilliant ♥

  12. Those birdies are so adorable!! a great find - just in time for xmas, they would make such lovely, unique decorations.

  13. those horses are awesome! love them!


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