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this time i was tagged by lola news . currently loving: 1. clothes shop - Grab, myer, General Pants, Sportsgirl, Dotti 2. furniture shop ...

this time i was tagged by lola news. currently loving:

1. clothes shop - Grab, myer, General Pants, Sportsgirl, Dotti

2. furniture shop - op shops (I got an awesome retro lounge chair just recently), my mums house (thanks mum for the dinning table) and ikea. I'm on a limited budget...that's what happens when you break up with a boy and he takes everything....and i mean EVERYTHING....I was sitting/eating on the floor for a month!

3. sweet - chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...I'm a block of chocolate girl.

4. city - Melbourne, I love this place!

5. drink - coffee, tea, coke zero and water. My staples.

6. music - currently...Lykke Li, Tegan & Sara, JUNO Soundtrack, Foals, Bat for Lashes. visit my lastfm page for more.

7. tv series - Gossip Girl, Heroes, LOST, Sex and The City, Footballers Wives, Laguna Beach, Kath&Kim, Summer Heights High....and the list goes on.....ok Im lame :-S But I prefer to watch my TV series on DVD. I hardly ever watch actual TV.

8. film - Candy, Somersault, The Notebook, Garden State, JUNO, Fight Club, American Beauty....and lots more.

9. workout - pilates, gym, walking & jogging at the beach. sometimes swimming.

10. pastries - anything sweet. I like the custard and apple scroll.

11. coffee - skinny latte (with 1 sugar if im naughty)

so now the tagging bit...I'm not going to tag anyone, but do the tag if you wish and comment me so I can come see your responses :-)


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  1. Just wondering, do you ever go into Retro Star (in the city) ?

  2. I am very much relating to the TV on DVD thing.

    I think its the best way of watching TV ever. Even now, with the new series of Californication, I will be sitting in front of the TV and just say "naaa I will wait for the DVD".

  3. b~is me ... no I haven't...whats it like?


  4. ^^ I replied in my blog : )

  5. fun to read more about you!! i really need to see JUNO...im so behind in my movie watching!


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