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Entwined (collaboration) by Audrey Kawasaki & Stella Im Hultberg I just came across this coll...

Entwined (collaboration)
by Audrey Kawasaki & Stella Im Hultberg

I just came across this collaboration work by two of my favourite artists Audrey Kawasaki and
Stella Im Hultberg, AMAZING. It's part of an exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery called "The
Drawing Room". The show is hanging now if your lucky enough to be in LA to see it. If not then all the work from the show can be viewed online at the thinkspace website.

other favourite from the show by Aussie Eveline Tarunadjaja....

Ugly Duckling by Eveline Tarunadjaja



New Work By:
Audrey Kawasaki & Friends

Group Show Curated by Audrey Kawasaki featuring
Audrey Kawasaki | Stella Im Hultberg | Amy S ol |
Kukula | Brandi Milne | Brian Viveros | Catherine Brooks | Mari Inukai
Nomi Chi | Lauren Albert | Jessica McCourt | Julia Sonmi Heglund |
Eveline Tarunadjaja | Meg Hunt | Irana Douer
Catherine Campbell | Lilly Piri | Amy Earles | Eric Thomas Bostrom |
Joao Ruas | Laura LaineJason Levesque aka Stuntkid |
Fumi Nakamura | Travis Louie | Liza Corbett

Thinkspace Art Gallery
4210 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles
Runs 11-07-08 through 11-29-08


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  1. they're so magical! they make me wish i was a fairy princess or something super fantastical. very lovely :)

  2. Such inspiration, and beautiful blog:)

  3. Holy shit fo sho.

    I wish I could go just to see Audrey's installation of her replicated studio.

  4. i absolutely adore audrey kawasaki's artwork. it's amazing.


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