Cari Ann Wayman : I'm sticking with you....

Photography by Cari Ann Wayman ... she has been one of my inspirations for getting back into photography. 1. frenchpolynesia , 2. birdcag...

Photography by Cari Ann Wayman ...she has been one of my inspirations for getting back into photography.

1. frenchpolynesia, 2. birdcage, 3. warelephant, 4. lonelypeopletalktooloud, 5. Photo 85, 6. windows, 7. nomorepoetry, 8. ivebeendreamingofeversince, 9. everycolorgoeswhereyoudo

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  1. holy flipping heck

    her photos are awesome

    what an amazing bedroom and just wow

    i can understand why she makes you want to be back into it!!!!

  2. beautiful imagery... so poetic, i want to take lots of photos like this

  3. Oh her photographs are stunning! The light, colour and mood is magical.

  4. Wow. i just wish i could capture some loverly pics like this.

    This is my goal!

  5. i love flickr!! at first I never could get the appeal but now I just think flickr is an amazing pool of talent!!

  6. I love your blog. It's always filled with pretty pictures! :)

  7. This is the most beautiful set of flickr fotos I've seen yet.
    I love your blog and you always pick cute pics, but this time I adore each and every single one.
    If this is what inspires you to get back into photography, I think your pictures will be amazing.

  8. gorgeous!
    I truly love the selection!


  9. Is she the same girl from the Yen blog we found ages ago?? If so her work has gotten even better! These are beautiful.
    Oh - and greetings from your lounge room. Haha x

  10. these photos are simply wonderful..i love them so much!!! :)

  11. You have that song in my head..

    (8) anything that you might do
    im gonna do to
    you held-up a stagecoach in the rain
    now im doing the same
    saw you hanging from a tree
    and a made beleive it was me
    im sticking with you
    cause im made out of glue (8)

  12. awh so nice!
    i love your blog :)
    chrissy x

  13. bahahahaha at 'holy flipping heck' comment. that's how i feel! i would swear for that extra emphasis, but i'll hold back. thanks for sharing! really!

    how was the kat mcleod exhibit? did u end up going???


  14. ERRA-TRON, yay im so glad you know where the lyric is from.
    best song. and so cute.


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