mixtape monday

every morning i walk towards the edge and throw little things off like: car-parts, bottles and cutlery or whatever i find lying around...

every morning i walk towards the edge
and throw little things off like:
car-parts, bottles and cutlery
or whatever i find lying around

it's become a habit
a way
to start the day

i go through this
before you wake up
so i can feel happier
to be safe up here with you

~ Björk

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, doing a cover of Bjork - Hyperballard.

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  1. My friend met Bjork once! She's actually living in Melbourne at the moment to record her album, she plays a lot of shows- you might have heard of her- Kimbra Johnson?

    If you haven't you should check her out on myspace, i think you'd like her stuff and she's really amazing live.

    Have you seen my blog on Melbourne? I need your help! And the help of anyone else you know who's from Melbs.

  2. i love bjork too! i made a mix tape with a couple of songs on it. famous + naked and lenka pretty much haven't been off my list since i got them

  3. I can't believe you're making me delurk again. This is actually my favourite Bjork song. You have impeccable taste!


  4. r. ~~ haha...do more delurking. you non commenter. lol just kidding. you can lurk away

    did you read the interview stuff on hyperballad? I love that song and what it represents. very personal to me.

  5. your blog is beautiful, once i read the first few posts i had to continue . really something !

  6. hey sweets ~ i miss dancing around to bjork~ thanks for making me don my shimmy again;)
    am going to join your meme~ sign me up!
    x ashley

  7. hAve u heard the song 'Play Dead' by Bjork?..its my all time favourite!..=>

  8. I actually don't like Bjork, sorry people, but this song is amazing!

  9. Hyperballad is so cute :) thank you for sharing!

  10. Nice nice, never heard about her before :O
    Love the song <3
    Nice blog you have, love it ^^ hope it's ok that i put you on my blog list, check out mine blog sometime ;P

    xoxo L.

  11. I remember seeing the most beautiful editorial with her - I wish I had the link for you!

  12. I love this mixtape monday idea! I'm going to start participating!! :)

    Love your blog by the way!

  13. great blog some how i found you when i was researching things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia and other complications. i wish you nothing but the best. I was also wondering if there is anyway if i put your link on my site if you would be able to return the favor and add my ink on your sight, i again wish you the best.

  14. Wow sounds like i'm going to have an amazing time in Melbourne. We're only coming for a week but i think we might try come back in March.

    You've gotten me SO excited!!!!

    Your suggestions are amazing and are all things we're really going to enjoy.

    Thank you so so much!

  15. I heart this song. Always have loved the words so much.


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