Magazine Giveaway

winners drawn I was lucky enough to acquire 2 back issues of Frankie magazine issue 19&20...I'm giving these to an Internation...

I was lucky enough to acquire 2 back issues of Frankie magazine issue 19&20...I'm giving these to an International (non-aussie or NZ) reader, so you can have the Frankie experience.

Aussie and NZ readers I have a Lula magazine, issue 4. It was the one featuring Zooey Daschel and Bat for Lashes, including a poster of Zooey.

To be in the running to win, comment on this post and answer the following questions. Or email me your answers if you'd like to enter that way.

1. why do you read blogs?
2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

any other feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome too :-)

oh and Aussie/NZ or International?


edit:winners will be drawn at random on 6th Jan.
thanks for your answers so far, loving reading them...and good to see some newbies!

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  1. 1. why do you read blogs?

    For daily inspiration. I love finding new beautiful, interesting and bizarre things as recommended by others.

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

    notes by naive:

    one blue wren:

    I'm aussie :)

  2. 1. I read blogs for inspiration and discoveries, musings and learning.

    2. For inspiration:

    Sarah Blank Studios
    The Drifter and the Gypsy

    For news/musings/learning:

    I'm Canadian

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. 1. why do you read blogs?

    I read blogs not only to pass time, but because they are my source of inspiration. Plus, I always learn something new by reading different blogs, not to mention all the friends I make through them! I guess I just like meeting new people, and discovering new things :)

    2. Two other blogs that I read are Ambiguous Alliterative Abomination

    and Bonjour Girl

    Oh, and I am an international reader :)

  4. oooh please pick me!

    1. I ready blogs mainly for inspiration and ideas on both crafty matters and interior styling. I also just like looking at pretty things and how other creative people express themselves.

    2. I read so many but two favs at the moment are The Red Thread and Orange You Lucky.

    I'm an Aussie.

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading more of your blog next year! Cheers!

  5. 1. I read blogs for inspiration. prettiness, and to find new things.


    I'm international

  6. 1. why do you read blogs?
    I read blogs because people write about & showcase the most lovely things in their blogs that I would never know about or think about otherwise.
    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?
    The Girl Who Married a Bear:
    & You Are Remarkable:

    I fall in the "International" category.

    It's so nice of you to do this; they're both very cool magazines. :)

  7. Wow, that is really sweet of you to do this! I've been stalking out both those websites for a couple of months, but shipping internationally is just a bit pricey, even for just one issue of such a coveted subscription.

    1. I've only just entered the blog scene in the past year. I love blogs because they are like little windows into other people's worlds; I get to see ideas, passions, and inspirations for people I would never come into contact with, were it not for blogs.

    2. The blog that got me hooked on reading blogs was The Black Apple. It shows her projects, cooking, and outings, and is tied in with her fashion blog, Some Girls Wander.

    Two blogs that I've recently started following are Blood Roses and Here Comes the Sun

    I'm an international reader [American].

  8. 1.
    I love hearing other people's points of view and hearing about what they love, because chances are I'm going to love it too. Through blogging I have learned to appreciate the beauty of different styles, opinions, and opened my mind to other cultures more than I ever thought possible. Like others, reading blogs also provides great inspiration to me, as well as given me access to a community that enjoys much the same things as I do.

    2. I love all sorts of blogs, but if I had to choose just two I would pick Una Bella Vita, and fashion pirates.

    Its funny because I just discovered frankie the other day and wanted to get my hands on a copy so badly, but they were 20 dollars an issue. I live in California, United States.

  9. 1. I read blogs because I can see other peoples take on life and fashion throughout the world. I shows me a different point of view.

    2. I also read The Cherry Blossom Girl

    and The Unicorn Diaries

    Both are beautiful and inspiring!

    I a New Zealander.

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  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. 1. I started because I felt very lonely and so blogs kinda made me feel as if I was with someone. I know that sounds crazy but now I read them because they are my soul food, they make me learn so much about various things. Also because I'm very much into fashion and journaling and this in a way combines both. P.s. The pictures some post are just wonderful, stirring my creative juices for my own photography.

    1. that's just my vibe
    2. Poetically Pathetic

    I'm not kissing ass but your Mixtape Mondays were fun sucks that Mixwit is closing. Thanks for introducing me to the site and many artists.

    International: From sunny Cali :)

  13. hello there!
    I read blogs to find people out there who are a little like me- people who are weird and dreamy, who swear a lot, like damien hirst, buy more books than necessary, drink too much coffee, and mourn the demise of the polaroid!

    I really love bloggers which march to their own drum (of which there are many!)- like Signe from
    and Arvid from, who have such a personal view on the world.

    and I'm from New Zealand!xx

  14. gassspppp! i love giveaways!

    1. mainly for inspirations - trying to do and learn something creative for example from participating swaps, making new friends with other bloggers, and i'm just simply enjoying (and addicted) looking at beautiful stuff people created. oh one more thing, i found great music from blogs too.

    2. top two currently: and

    i'm aussie.

    happy new year!!

  15. 1. why do you read blogs?
    Inspiration for photography and writing, to see through the eyes of another person, and to discover new things
    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?
    Gala Darling and the Unicorn Diaries

    Continue what you're doing! you're one of my favorite bloggers right now.

    oh and Aussie/NZ or International?
    International! I live in Florida

  16. i am coming out from the woodwork to say hi, as i have been dying to get into a copy of lula. it looks like a visual feast.
    i read blogs for the inspiration both creative and just inspiration on living a simpler more wholesome life, and to connect with people who have similar tastes and ideas. i don't know too many people in my 'real' world that love art and craft so much.
    i have so many blogs that i love- but at the moment i get excited everytime i see a new post by: Abby-, or Alicia-
    and i am Australian. :0)

  17. 1. why do you read blogs?
    i read blogs because i am curious by nature. i find it interesting to hear about what other people find intriguing, creative or inspirational.

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

    and i'm an aussie :)

    happy new year liss!

  18. blogs inspire me, they give me something to think about when im alone

    miss thumbelina
    flying saucer

    im an international i live in england

  19. 1. Blogs allow me a little peek into the creative mind of others. They give me inspiration when I'm not in the mood to write or create something myself :)

    2. I absolutely adore

    Gala Darling :

    and this one:

    3. I'm from Belgium :)

    Koekoeksdozeke AT hotmail DOT com

  20. I read blogs because I can't not any more. I'm addicted to their prettiness. Also I think bloggers are usually brilliant writers, full of witty and bright things to laugh about.

    I absolutely love:

    I'm from England. Today it is misty and beautiful.

    (And by the way, I've only just come across your blog. It's WONDERFUL.)

  21. Hi Liss :)

    1. I read blogs that I find beautiful, poetic, inspirational and exciting. I like the small global community that they facilitate.

    2. tummy ache and mieke willems

    3. I'm from Oz

  22. How generous of you!

    1. I read blogs to connect to other people who share a similar passion for fashion.

    2. My favorite blogs are This Is Glamorous - for the carefully edited, exquisite photos, and Sea of Shoes - for Jane's fearless personal style.

    I'm an Aussie. :)

    Happy New Year!

  23. Hi Liss, happy new year! I am of course, Aussie :)

    1. Why do you read blogs:

    Pretty things and words make me happy and the blog-world sort of feels like a little community.

    2. Besides your blog of course, I read:



  24. oohh, i want one of those amazing magazines!
    1. because they give me glimpses into other people's lives and psyches. they make me feel part of a secret world.

    I'm international!

  25. I love frankie, it's the only magazine I read these days! Would love to check out Lula, though...

    1. I started reading blogs while learning how to knit, then decided to start my own to keep me motivated and track progress. I guess it snowballed into a much larger adventure than I realised, so I now read them for all kinds of inspiration (like craft, fashion and photography).

    2. Two of my favourite blogs are The Vintage Year and Vegan and Vintage, since they're about stylish, beautiful and ethical fashion.

  26. Happy new year! Great mag giveaway.

    1. I started reading blogs when my Mum kept suggesting that I start one myself so I read first so I could see what other people like me were doing, reading, photographing etc. I must say I learned a lot more about myself as well as met new interesting 'characters'.

    2. Other blogs I read are Coccinelle at

    and one I just discovered and love is The Drifter and The Gypsy at
    I just love discovering new blogs.

    I am of course Aussie, and I was just thinking that you would like Acne magazine maybe? I love the layout.

  27. 1. why do you read blogs?

    Let's see. I think I started searching for craft blogs because I was bored at work. Before I knew it I was reading all kinds of blogs. I love getting inspiration and ideas from others and just seeing what's happening around the world!

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

    This is a tough one. I love to read Crafting a Green World and Modish

    OH and I'm international =)

  28. 1. I read blogs because each writer has a story and I like to listen to them. I look for magical photos and clever banter in blogs to draw inspiration from.


    I'm American :D

  29. I love and appreciate Zooey Deschanel!
    She is completely amazing in Almost Famous. haha. (:

    1. why do you read blogs?
    One because I have nothing better to do in this very small and boring box I'm imprisoned in, which has to be forced and passed through by the head authority of where I'm currently living at.
    Two, it's because I enjoy taking in all the pretty little things that in a few years won't matter but do now. As well learning about everyones life, or interests that can take me somewhere.

    2. Which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?
    Well I have Quietmilk and Angela Sees Angela because a long time ago they had been bookmarked by a friend on my computer and then I got over it because I had a lot on my mind and I was always busy with my own life and the many blogs I had on other websites.

    I'm from Florida and I was born in South America, in Argentina. So I'm Argentinan.

  30. :O
    Where do they sell those magazines and.. I'm really stupid.

    the end.

  31. haha, this is such a generous idea, i don't think i would have the heart to give away that lula magazine!

    have fun reading through everyone's answers :)


  32. Ah,A...oh I saw the comment you left on my sisters blog. your so sweet :-)

    and I get these mags at a store called Mag Nation. They are kind of hard mags to come by, you have to subscribe or go to a specialty mag store. Well least that how it is here in Melbourne.
    Actually I think Borders stock you have a Borders?

  33. 1. I read blogs to collect little bits of creativity and inspiration for my mental treasure chest. And sometimes for my physical hard drive.

    2. I just added lady droid who has only just begun her blog. But her potential seems endless. I'm excited to see how it develops.

    And you can't not pick Tavi at Style Rookie. She's super creative in her outfits/pictures. Especially lately. Her style is on fire.

    3. this is my first peek at your blog. it is quite lovely.

  34. 1. why do i read escape to another little world. i love to see what other people are up to and i always find the cutest things on blogs, as well as pictures that eventually end up as my computer's wallpaper.

    2. other blogs i read:


    love them. and yours too, of course!

    and i'm international.

  35. 1) I read blogs because I feel like I'm in wonderland when i see dreamy pictures.


    International dreamer.

    Bye bye.

  36. 1. why do you read blogs?

    For inspiration - I love that there's such a mixture of things out there in the blogosphere, like beautiful pictures that make me feel all sparkly, to new music recs, to news.

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

    any other feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome too :-)

    oh and Aussie/NZ or International?

    International - I'm from England

  37. 1. why to i read blogs?

    1. as every other person said, they are inspiration. i love photo blogs or dreamy, surreal blogs with pretty, yet simple words. reading it reminds me of how pretty and beautiful the world, life, and love truly is. i love reading sad poems about love on blogs and it makes my heart ache and reminds me of how closely linked together love and pain are. i read style blogs to give me ideas on what to wear although i'm not nearly daring enough to try some of the outfits others are able to pull off perfectly. i love looking at other people's outfits and finding one thing that i never would have thought would look good hanging from the hanger at a store and seeing how good it really looks and falls. sometimes i even go to the store and buy the same exact item. okay...i'm writing WAYYY too much, so i'm stopping #1 now.

    2. which other blogs do i read:

    hmmm...this is hard because there's so many gorgeous blogs out there. but i think the one that has the loveliest sweetest writing and photo combination is Loveology ( and rags and scribbles (

    i'm american :)

  38. Hahaha, oh I never knew you guys were sisters. wow, small world (:

    Borders? As in the store for Books and stuff? The website,

    I think so. I just found out about the store. it's kind of like Barnes and Noble. Never heard of Mag Nation, though. Sounds like a cult (:

  39. 1. I read blogs to get inspired by others...

    2. Other blogs i Like to read is..

    and I live in spain!
    Love love ure blog

  40. Hi!i'm Valentina from Italy. The blogs i check everyday are the cherry blossom girl and niotillfem but i've bookmarked so much more!i love to see how people world wide dresses and lives so that i can take inspiration by them. Your blog is beautiful too!

  41. 1. I read blogs for inpiration. I love reading and seeing other people's opinions and views, especially if it is on the things that matter to me. I've also found that blogging can be a wonderful source of friendship.
    2. Two other blogs I read:

    Not an Aussie, but you can count me as an Australiant resident :)

  42. I read blogs as I am from a small city in Ireland (derry) that has absolutely no girls that are a hippy like me and i use blogs to make me realise that there is a world out there full of magical, beautiful and gorgeous girls that love to write, take photos and see the beauty in life

    my other blog favourites apart from this are and

    I am an Irish girl xxxxxx

  43. Hmmm strange, I left a comment a few days ago but it seems to have been gobbled up by blogger - then again maybe it was my foggy new years brain that inhaled the comment.

    I love your blog, I stumbled upon it recently and it's simply lovely.

    Why do I read blogs? Inspiration as mentioned by so many others is one reason but honestly I like peeking into the worlds of others. Not in a creepy peeping Tom sort of way but more like a curious neighbor.

    Blogs I read? Oh jeez to just pick two is not easy but here goes nothing:
    1. Alive in Wonderland:
    2. How About Orange:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Oh and I nearly forgot, I'm from Canada.

  44. 1. why do you read blogs?

    To skim the zeitgeist, to experience the world, to take part

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)? (doesn't everyone?)

  45. why do you read blogs?
    I read blogs for inspiration when I feel like I have none.
    I read to see things in a new light, to keep dreaming, because a lot of bloggers (the ones I enjoys) are dreamers and that's cool.
    I read for international fashion, so I can get new ideas because I feel where I live everyone either dress the same or they dress in a very...lethargic way.
    Last, blogs are fun!!!!!!!!
    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?
    I don't have a top 2, I have a top 20!! haha
    but here are some I read a lot.
    1! Cherry Blossom Girl, her blog is so interesting and the clothes are amazing, I learned how to make a flower crown :)
    2! Un Beret Noir, her blog is the epitome of inspiration right down to the music.

    I'm international, California...
    now I must be off to dream..

  46. Amazing giveaway foreign magazines are a huge joy and just as inspiring as a good blog!

    After stumbling across blogs a year ago I began to read them because they are a huge source of inspiration from interesting people with perspectives and experience different from my own (I love people's stories) that are scattered throughout the world; from seattle to new york to australia to canada to france to africa and the list goes on.

    The list of blogs is endless but ones I read almost daily ...

    Black Eiffel
    The Rockstar Diaries
    The Sartorialist
    Garance Dore

    I'm an international reader from the deep south of usa.

  47. 1. why do you read blogs?
    ++discovery. enlightenment. raw emotions. different light.

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

    any other feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome too :-)
    ++happy 2009 :) still loving your blog.

    oh and Aussie/NZ or International?

    x, e.

  48. 1. Why do you read blogs?
    Because they capture everyday beauty in such wonderful ways.

    2. Which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

    I’m an international reader

  49. 1. why do you read blogs?
    for daily inspiration and happiness. it gives me warm fuzzies looking at all the beautiful pictures posted by the lovely bloggers out there. ;]

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?
    the tea drinking english rose

    im from new zealand.
    have a georgous day love!

  50. 1.) I read blogs to feel inspired, and it gives me thrills to see what others are up to in all parts of the world!

    2.) Other blogs that I read:
    Right now I am LOVING-
    *Sometimes Happiness (
    *Loveology (

    I am an International reader from the USA :)

  51. 1. I read blogs I love the connection that the blog world has given me. I love sharing in similar-minded peoples lives and all the wonderful friends I have made.

    2. Very hard to pick two, I have hundreds on my reader! But two of my alltime fav's are:


    Bling on my Sewing Machine:

    Must say I also enjoy your blog a LOT too!

    Happy New Year!
    Diane (New Zealand)

  52. oh goodie!

    1. why do you read blogs?
    I read blogs because I'm curious about other peoples lives, what they do, their interests and what inspires them. Throughout the blogs that I follow, I have found new artists, and they(blogs) have basically inspired me and opened my eyes to things I have not previously known about. Oh and all of the people who write blogs are so so nice and awesome and I have made friends with a lot of them!

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?
    (and plenty more)

    any other feedback, comments or suggestions are welcome too :-)

    umm...i hope you're having a lovely day :)

    oh and Aussie/NZ or International? aussie

  53. hello, i'm british! when i saw this giveaway, my heart literally stopped. i've been trying to impress my relatives in australia in order that they send me a copy of frankie, as i can't afford the international subscription. unfortunately, i'm kind of not that impressive, and my attempts have failed. :)

    i read blogs because, seriously, i'm addicted. my google reader subscriptions are choc-a-bloc, and there's nothing more lovely than waking up and settling down with a cup of tea to read all the new posts.

    i read a variety of different blogs. mostly they are fashion-based, but many are art-based (on illustration and craft in particular) as well as literature and food (there are some really good vegan blogs out there). i'm also a huge fan of photographically-based blogs, which i've only just discovered!

    i couldn't even begin to choose 2 favourites. without listing all my subscriptions, i'd feel as if i was being unfair.

  54. hallo there!
    (i'ma relatively new to blogging)
    actually, i think your blog was one of the main factors that contributed to my venturing into the blogosphere. your blog seems to be the big sister of all blogs, the epitome of what i consider the perfect blog!

    1. why do you read blogs?
    at the risk of sounding just like every one who has replied, i look to blogs for not only for inspiration. but also motivation. i see wonderfully talented bloggers doing what they do, with such ease and i feel slightly envious yet spurred on.

    i simply adore something pretty to look at - photos, art, handmade homemade wonderful things, lost treasure people have found. and blogs are the most magical place to find such things. the blogs i read, my most favourite ones, are so personal. i feel as if i'm friends with them-the type of friend that i haven't seen for a while but can still stop and talk to and not feel distanced or disjointed.
    i believe a blog, one that you enjoy ohso much, is like a treasure. you stumble across it, you don't quite know howso, but you are ever grateful that you did.

    i love reading blogs because they give me a little peek into the lives of such inspirational, yet completely normal beings. i'm curious, you see. and it offers such a wonderful window. not stalker-ish. just admiration.

    i scour the blogosphere, to learn. find information. something new, whether it be a new band, artist, label/brand, recipe, cafe, event, 'zine, another blog even.

    2. my favourite blogs offer wonderul visual de jour- the teadrinking english rose, the unicorn diaries, quietmilk, and naturally, daydream lily!

    thankyou ohso much! i simply adore lula, and frankie is by far the best magazine i've ever stumbled across- a treasure!

    oh and i'm australian, born here, but my heart lies in paris.
    love and faerykisses!

  55. 1. why do you read blogs?
    I get inspiration from them :D
    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)? and


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  57. 1. why do you read blogs?

    I like looking at pretty things through other peoples' eyes.

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?


  58. 1. why do you read blogs?

    I love reading blogs for daily inspiration. I find new artists/photographers/designers every day just via blogs.

    2. which other blogs do you read (maybe just list your top 2)?

    I'm Australian :)

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. 1. I love reading blogs on the regular to catch up with everyone. They are a great resource for everything, seeing the newest and best designers, artist, writers, fashionistas! And also they never end, there are so many blogs, you could search and search and find a new one every day!

    2. The other blogs that I read are:
    A design blog that shows some of the worlds best designers, furniture, architects and even fashion and jewelry.
    (It's a track bike blog that is very interesting and has some beautiful images.)

    Oops, and I'm Dutch, from Amsterdam!

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. I read blogs because I just love to see what gets people excited about life. I love the idea of sharing and finding things with each other. A lot of people today are so secretive and competitive but if we all share knowledge and ideas we can evolve in a more interesting way. It’s the journey, not the destination...
    A couple of my favourite blogs are

    Darling Dextor- because there is a realism, everydayness in the posts, that you can relate to.

    The cherry blossom girl: She takes amazing photos! It probably helps that I have a wee bit of a crush on France. Yumm.

    I'm from little old kiwi land

  63. So cute! Wonderful photos! :)

  64. I don't usually spend a lot of time online reading blogs or article unless the are about football or cycling. So this was a unexpected bonus to come across this post.


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