Sofia Coppola:: Miss Dior Cherie

The new add for Miss Dior Cherie by Sofia Coppola. So pretty. spotted on red aprons & lunc...

The new add for Miss Dior Cherie by Sofia Coppola.
So pretty.

spotted on red aprons & lunchboxes
photos found here

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  1. how very cute!!
    i have given you a gift on my blog, enjoy! :)

  2. Isn't it beautiful! Looks like a flickr photo that I posted a few posts ago.

  3. sundari ~ your right it does look alot like the flickr photo you posted!

  4. I LOVE this! Trust Sofia to film something so magical :)

  5. ahhh. i wanna go to france soo bad...

  6. So pretty...I'd love to be carried away by a flock of balloons...preferably to Paris. :)

  7. Ah love.
    That's where I want to be. I probably wouldn't even need the balloons to help me float, i'd be flying on pure happiness.

  8. Yes, really pretty.
    Love Sofia.


  9. how sweet and delicious. that video makes me giddy with delight!

  10. Hallo, I am so sorry I haven't commented on the past few posts.

    Well, this is actually the perfume that I wish my mother lets me get. It is so yummy.
    Oh and yes, the ad is wonderful. The video is just adorable, I just wish I could understand what she was saying.
    I would love to learn French. hehe

    Oh and about the SoKo, I very much like her and her music. She has such funny songs yet cool songs.
    Though I am not informed of how she got discovered.

    Oh and the other post with the Miss Lulu pictures are so cool and nice. Very nice pictures indeed.

    Hope you have a wonderful week dear.


  11. By the way, you have been tagged.
    hehe hope you enjoy it.

  12. i lovelovelove this. cute and pretty and girly. nothing not to love about it <3

  13. lovely video! that girl is so beautiful, the music is fun, and Paris is just so pretty. I wish I could go there now. (although it must be really cold!)

  14. oh! i just saw this add on tv the other day & it made me so happy:]

  15. guess what? the fragrance finally came out in my country and i'm a proud owner of it! it's beautiful! :))

    and i fell in love with the campaign before trying it out ;)


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