Chloe from A heart-shaped morning (isn't it the sweetest blog name you've ever heard?? and a beautiful blo...

Chloe from A heart-shaped morning (isn't it the sweetest blog name you've ever heard?? and a beautiful blog to) tagged me.

the rules: share six things that make you happy and tag six amazing starry-eyed bloggers!

1. Finding a new blog makes me happy. Here are five blogs started in the last 6ish months that make me smile....

Crayola Yellow
Water May Walk
Little Nanook's Diary
ginger lilly tea
Here Comes the Sun

2. Reading, I love to read novels currently I'm reading The Time Travelers Wife.

3. Abbie Cornish, ever since watching Somersault I have an unhealthy obsession with her.

4. My puppy she is so so so cute.

5.summer, so i can wear beautiful dresses and big sunglasses

6.finding the perfect vintage pillow case at the opshop

oh and I tag the five blogs mentioned above.


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  1. Oooh Time Travellers Wife, how is that going? I have been wanting to buy it now for some time.

  2. lovely photos you got there. and i read the time traveler's wife and it was SO good.

  3. im glad you like my blog! i really love yours too ^_^

  4. Ooooo let me know what you think.
    I'm sure you'll love it seeing as I do, my brother from another mother :P


  5. Sundari ~ only just started it, but I'll let you know. I've heard alot of good things about it..so hopefully it will live up to expectations.

  6. thank you for those nice words about my blog! you already know i think yours is magical. i just read the time traveler's wife too. so good.

  7. OOH! I have never been tagged before! Oh how exciting!

  8. wow that you so much for this i feel so so honored!

    does this mean i get to do the same thing? am i allowed to put you down as one of mine as well or is that weird?

  9. somersault is my favourite movie. i love all the little details like the red mittens, and when she paints her nails, and jam stolen toast for breakfast!

  10. oh oh thank you for listing my diary you are too wonderful x


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