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Leopold Cafe in Mumbai An email from my friends who were in Mumbai during the chaos. hellooo! well today we leave Mumbai (and i love th...

An email from my friends who were in Mumbai during the chaos.

well today we leave Mumbai (and i love this place!) to go to Punjab, on a 29hr train ride :-( reeeaalllly not looking forward to this at all!
a really cool interesting place in Mumbai is Leopold cafe, we were allowed back into south Mumbai yesterday as the shootings were over and the streets were cleaned up so we thought we may as well go check out the Taj building anyway, but it really was all a bit sad. anyway in this cafe there were all these news readers and photographers, it was strange and then we found all these bullet marks in the building! 8 ppl died in the cafe during the attack and that was the first day it had been opened since. there was such a buzz in the tragedy of it all.

I'm going to live my India experience through them, until I make it over there myself (which is looking like happening late next year).

I'll share some of the funnier emails with you guys!

For now I'm spending Christmas with my family, better start my Christmas shopping...eeek!

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  1. ooh india, tell me how it goes (when you do go)

  2. wow, it must be so intense to be there now. i'm glad you're still going, a little delay never hurt anyone :)

  3. You'll have plenty of time to travel and you'll have so much fun - in the meantime, there's always Christmas :)

  4. I'm so glad that you and your friends are safe - it's so scary. A low key Christmas sounds nice!

    P.S. I left you a pair of awards on my blog. :)

  5. 'an air of tragedy'... i can't even imagine how it must feel to have been there. i'm glad that your friends are safe! my mum's boss checked out of the hotel 2 hours before the shooting... it's incredible.

  6. wow. india. that must have been something. it must be fun but also kinda scary

  7. gorgeous darling!
    i'm going this summer towards India. Looking forward to more of your messages about the beautiful place on earth (and to my trip ofcourse!)

    with love x


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