photos by Marie Ek I've been tagged by Kelly aka Birdy & Me List 10 things I LOVE, 10 things I DON'T LOVE and 5 random thi...

photos by Marie Ek

I've been tagged by Kelly aka Birdy & Me

List 10 things I LOVE, 10 things I DON'T LOVE
and 5 random things about me.

  1. Australia Day!
  2. Summer.
  3. Big sunglasses & dresses.
  4. Art Exhibitions.
  5. Thongs, the flip flop type :-)
  6. Painting my toenails in bright colours.
  7. Abbie Cornish, my girl crush.
  8. Vintage tins.
  9. Cameras.
  10. Reading.
Don't Love
  1. Vegetable soup.
  2. Waiting around for public transport.
  3. When my boyfriend eats all the ice cream.
  4. Cold weather.
  5. Spam.
  6. Computer viruses they make me really mad, don't people have better things to do with their time?!
  7. People who don't recycle correctly, oh this makes me really mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The gym, its so boring!
  9. Being bored.
  10. Ignorance (see point 7).
  1. My favourite number is 3
  2. I like Math.
  3. I eat nutella from the jar.
  4. I don't really like cooking.
  5. I'm left handed.

I tag...

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  1. vintage tins - now there is a wonderful thing to love! and having just spent 2 days removing a computer virus I know what you mean! x

  2. i love reading the random facts and things about you. its so nice to get to know the lovely person behind the beautiful blog. btw, i have given your blog an award.

  3. Oh dang, totally didn't realize it but I gave your blog the same award as Micaela. OH WELL!

    Have a nice day!

  4. i enjoyed reading that about you :)

    i love how you get so many awards, you deserve them, your blog is amazing!

    hope everything is amazing in beautiful melbourne for you xxx

  5. Your vintage tin is so lovely, and I hate the cold too.
    But I love cooking, desserts and little pretty things specifically :)

  6. aw i love this blog!

    cold is so so bad, except the fact that you get to wear mittens . . . x

  7. My favourite number is 3 and I'm left handed too!

  8. I love these facts!
    Especially disliking public transportation which I 110% agree with.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, dear!

  9. Cass ~ oh another leftie who likes 3 :-)

  10. How cute! I eat nutella out of the jar too. :)

  11. Oh! I better really start recycling properly. I keep meaning to but I haven't gotten used to the 'Australian way' yet. Sorry!
    How's Melbournes summer treating you? This Adelaide heat wave is making winter look pretty good. Congrats on the award btw.

  12. Sundari ~ hehe yes, you at least had the intent to do it correctly. So your forgiven :-P

  13. yay i love love love tags! and i just tagged you too, coincidently (sp?). beautiful photos as well.

  14. but vegetable soup is sooooo good!

  15. great lists - i do love vegie soup though!

  16. it's so cool that you like math! (i'm a geeky maths student!) it's quite rare to find people who love fashion & likes maths ;)

  17. that's so cool! i'm just on a general course so i have the choice to try diff units, although after i did a placement last year working for a bank doing time series regression models, i've came back to my final year with no memories of any pure maths!:) so i'm taking all stats unit now! def prefer it a lot more than pure!

  18. my favourite number is 3 also, and I'm a leftie too :p

  19. Wait... is there another way to eat Nutella?!

  20. ah, I am a lefty, too...UNITE!

  21. go leftys! im one too.
    but seriosly-your blog rocks!


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