Dragonfly in Yantar a new blog by Catherine and Natalia: ...two very good friends and fashion mad. ...

Dragonfly in Yantar a new blog by Catherine and Natalia:

...two very good friends and fashion mad. One is a Canadian (Catherine Elizabeth) living in the UK, the other is a Russian (Natalia). We've been talking about having our own blog for ages, so here it is. Finally!

tagged me to post the fourth picture from the fourth folder on my computer.
So here it is, though I can't remember where I saved it from, I just liked the cup of tea and the Polaroid, two of my favorite things.

I now tag.... flecked mystery and Sunny Night.


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  1. Thanks for intorducing me to Freckled Mystery - a really nice blog :)

  2. thanks for tagging me :D
    lovely photograph

  3. hello,

    i just wanted to say that i love your blog so so much.started following, hope you don't mind.

    Love from ireland

    kerri xx

  4. Glad they arrived safely :) :)

    The doily is just from a $2 shop, i got a pack of 50 for $2! Not bad huh.

  5. cute picture. i'll be sure to check the new blog out.

  6. That's a great combination. I love tea and polaroids myself. A bit addicted to poladroid at the moment seeing as its free!

  7. What lovely photography! I love the things that you share...your taste is impeccable :)

  8. considering that i'm probably your only swedish reader, i thought i'd translate the polaroid text.

    i dont think it's possible to do a perfect translation of "ska vi fika?", since "fika" is a word for drinking coffe and/or eating sweets.

    i'd say it translates something like "do you want to grab some coffe?"

  9. or : skal vi fika? = shall we do lunch?

    im just saying ;)

    i live in sweden to, so two scandinavian readers then.. hehe;)

    love ur blog,
    have a great day!

  10. hey! I´m from Norway, so it´s three Scandinavian readers.


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