Melbourne : Part 1

My brother and his girlfriend have been visiting from Queensland this past week, I've been showing them around Melbourne. These were...

My brother and his girlfriend have been visiting from Queensland this past week,
I've been showing them around Melbourne.

These were taken at Brighton beach in front of the iconic bathing boxes (white legs !!!),
I'll do some more posts once I sort through all the pictures.


P.S I wish I had this camera collection

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  1. Looking at your pictures makes me miss Australia badly.

  2. We never had a chance to go here. But we fell in love with your city so we will be back and will definitely be paying this beach a visit! It looks incredible.

  3. set your self on fire ~ oh you have to post some pics from your trip. I love the bathing boxes!! you have to see them if you come back.

  4. Is it so warm where you live always? You're so lucky! Here is is snow & more snow all the time right now:D I miss summer~

  5. lovely!
    I would love to vist melbourne :)

  6. Melbourne is lovely!
    I'd definitely want to visit again:]

  7. adorable pictures! now i want to go to the beach :)

  8. nice blog ^_^
    i like the pictures and the little houses with diff. colors! hehe
    I always been wanting to go to australia! i might even live there in the future hehe
    hope u'll like to check my blog =]

  9. oh how i wish i could go to the beach!
    these pictures are lovely, those houses are so colorful! i hope you are having fun showing your brother and his girlfriend around <3

  10. How I wish it was summer and I was in Australia, it's too cold in the states right now.

    by the way I have linked you on my blog.

  11. I just have to say, great blog.
    I've been reading though it and I love the picture of a heart that reads "It's the ones that you can call at 4 am that matter"

  12. Great images, especially the first one :)
    I've never been to Melbourne (though I have been to Sydney).

  13. What a week to visit Melbourne!
    Come on down and go home a melted puddle :P
    Hope they had a lovely time :)

  14. Oh wow, Melbourne last week? What a time to sightsee!
    I barely left the house it was so hot!

  15. i miss the summer so much and the beach too, and the sea... just generally everything to do with summer really!

  16. When I first moved to Australia I thought those bathing boxes were an urban myth! hahaha... i'm so embarrassed! I can't wait to go visit. I might plan a girls long weekend in Melbourne during the holidays. Thanks for the link.

  17. what gorgeous people and places!


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