could she be any more awesome?

source Melbourne artist Eveline Tarunadjaja's t-shirt range for HURLEY . I want!!! She al...

Melbourne artist Eveline Tarunadjaja's t-shirt range for HURLEY. I want!!!
She also just did a range for organic clothing brand Gorman and a wallet for Poketo.

Shes having a solo show in April, more news on that closer to that date.

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  1. these designs are intricate&cool!

  2. omg, I want too!!
    Do you know which gallery the show will be at?

  3. Hi Melissa ~ nah I don't know, just that it should be in march, april. guess the details will be out soon. Im keen to get another of her works.

  4. oooo! they're so intricately beautiful!! i will check out more of this artist's work.

  5. I'm going to get the top one !!! Whoop Whoop !!

  6. haha.. I tees.. its what I have most. I love finding random cute printed tees. It's my favorite past time.

    .. I would love to be your sister. I think we'd be a good pair.

  7. wow, that's probably the most amazing thing related to Hurley I've ever seen. Beautiful illustrations....

  8. yeah liss get this...
    Hayley just bought the Hurley hoodie where this print is also featured. i've got my eye on the same one!


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