Pesqueira Winter 09 collection

"something old something new" by Ana Laura Perez Illustrator Ana Laura Perez has do...

"something old something new" by Ana Laura Perez

Illustrator Ana Laura Perez has done textile designs for Pesqueira's Winter 09 collection.
Its so exciting to see illustration being incorporated into fashion, I'm seeing alot of illustrators doing t-shirt designs for big Eveline T (Hurley & Gorman) and Mambo has a whole team of illustrators, including my friend Kelly Smith....though I wonder if it will last? I hope so!

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  1. gorgeous work. i thought i recognized these and then realized they were from ana laura perez's blog. and saw my comment on A Cup of Jo. I just cannot fathom how one can attract that much traffic? i thought you had a lot of followers, but almost 2,000 are insane. maybe one day our blogs could be that popular.

  2. i know!! so crazy. i didnt even realise blogging world was that big. but she does find such amazing things!!

  3. This outfit is so sweet, i want it!

  4. Lovely! I wish I could make such gorgeous art!

  5. they are so gorgeous, i want... have a fabulous day! xmady

  6. all of that stuff is so cute!

  7. I love the cat print, especially on the purse- this makes me want to get a plain canvas bag and have a friend draw on it.
    Thanks for posting these :)


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