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beautiful photos by The Cherry Blossom Girl The Drifter and the Gypsy gave me this special award. Its extra special as it was made ...

beautiful photos by The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Drifter and the Gypsy gave me this special award. Its extra special as it was made by blogger The Tea Drinking English Rose.

A gorgeous new blog love The English Muse tagged me. I must list 7 things baout myself and then pass on the tag.

So here we go:
  1. I prefer flats to heels.
  2. I'm left handed.
  3. I really really really want to travel to india and almost did, except the Mumbai attacks happened only days before I was due to go. I'll get there this year, fingers crossed.
  4. I collect vintage tins.
  5. Frankie is my absolute favourite magazine, I almost have every issue.
  6. I can sing the alphabet backwards, my Nan taught me one summer to keep me occupied.
  7. I'm a jewellery girl, but not as in gold necklace and pendant, as in chunky rings, bracelets...etc.
I'm passing this AWARD and TAG on to some lovely blog people who I read daily! Loveology, Intimate Vignettes, The Unicorn Diaries, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Here Comes The Sun, Hello Lolla

and anyone else who'd like to join in.


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  1.'s okay. i always push off tags and sometimes its hard to remember if you covered all of them.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that image of the bunnies in the tea cup.... ive seen it around somewhere once, so im so glad i got to see it here!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ah, I always loved that shot of the bunny in the tea cup!

    And I think that's my favourite blog-award out there, just because of the cute image that goes with it :)


  5. I prefer flats too & that's so cool that you can sing the Alphabet backwards. hehe*

  6. congratulations on your award :)

    and i LOVE the bunny in that photo! oh!

  7. pictures are so heartwarming and pretty and cute and adorable and sweet, lovelovelove them to absolute pieces.

  8. I want to go to India too!! Have you seen the movie Water? It's gorgeous. Director Deepa Mehta captures color and vibrancy with amazing detail.

    And thank you for doing the tag! very honored!


  9. -Im a flats wearer to, who doesn't love frankie (aka the bible)
    I can sing the alphabet backwards *shy face* and guess what.. Im a lefty..

    Tehe, just thought you'd like to know..

  10. I love the cherry blossom girl's photos! They're always so gorgeously sweet.

    Aww, thank you for putting me in your blog spotlight :) I feel so undeserving!

  11. Those photos are so cute!
    I love vintage tins too.
    Do you live in Melbourne? There's a man who sells them in the street on Acland St.
    Every time I go past there I'm so tempted to buy one.
    Its always better when you find something unexpected though.

  12. the teacup in the picture is soo very cute. I'ma a fan of it.. I guess we both want to see India, except I was never even close to going.. maybe someday :)

    and hey, I'm lefthanded too.. heard it goes along with creative people ;)

    many sparks and lots of sunshine

  13. Oh i'm left handed too! Awesome.

    Thanks for the tag my dear! I will get onto it soon :)

  14. I love love the rabbie (rabbit) and your blog is beautiful. Come check out my blog

  15. i did this tag recently and also had the flats one and the alphabet backwards! weird! and my favourite travelling was to India . . .x

  16. for sure you deserve the award :)
    kewl stuff.. the backward alphabet...

  17. beautiful post. i'm more of a flats-girl too...

  18. There is a great book about India called Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, a true story about a guy who escapes from prison in Australia and moves to India - I've just finished it and highly recommend it!! Lovely post. S.x

  19. Sara ~ hey I just read that book recently, loved it !! have you read Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald its also based on true story.

    kerri ní dochartaigh ~ oh how weird is that!! and yay you can say alphabet backwards too!

    ERRA-TRON ~ are you sure were not sisters? haha!!

  20. The bunnies are sooooo cute! Stylish taste, Glad I found your blog! Yay!




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