Moggit - Oh no you didn't

Wow, I'm absolutely flattered at all the comments on my previous post, thank you :-) And to all the new visitors...have a look around, ...

Wow, I'm absolutely flattered at all the comments on my previous post, thank you :-) And to all the new visitors...have a look around, make a cup of tea, stay awhile, and say hello...I read each and every comment!!

Now for something else...Moggit ~ Oh no you didn't !
they take decorating images from popular home decorating magazines and give it a fun new spin, like this one:

Source: Metropolitan Life

  • This puts a whole new spin on 'living green'

  • Someone likes gettin' lucky behind the bushes

  • Dark green carpet - seriously???

haha!!! I vote for "whole new spin on living green"
PS. As its now April I'm going to update my blog spotlight with a few blogs Ive been enjoying so I can share the love with you all. I'm planning to change this section each month and keep a more extensive list of blogs I read on my profile or under Blogs I Heart in the sidebar.

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  1. Fun post! My Mom loved green, so in not one, but two houses we had forest (hunter) green carpet. Ugh. And lots pf peach. Awful.

    In the late 70's and early 80's we had kelly green carpet, but I actually king of dig that in hindsight because my Mom combined it with great graphic fabric prints on the upholstered pieces. We also had a kelly green velvet loveseat that rocked.

  2. The Cottage Cheese ~ My mum was obsessed with pink and roses, so I grew up in a house full of pink!!!

    but green carpet...hmm

  3. Oh wow, I love this room! The four-poster/tree bed is awesome.

  4. That picture reminds me of wonderful things, like the children's book The Salamander Room, or Where the Wild Things Are!

  5. Great picture, it put a smile on my face! Your blog is my favourite new discovery and I spent a lovely hour reading some of your previous posts...Very inspirational and beautiful.

  6. Faye ~ oh thank you :-) such nice words!!

  7. cool pic but for some reason it reminds me of Lily Allen.... and im not sure why??? lol

  8. Thats so cool!
    I always wanted trees growing in my room... vines growing up the walls and around the windows. I read a children's novel once where the main character was so happy when she fell asleep that when she woke up roses had crept in through her window and grown around her room right up to the ceiling!
    My parents would never let me try to grow vines on my walls though. :(
    PS I think your pic has will inspire a new blog post!

  9. Thanks for the blog love!

    Joy and Janet

  10. So lovely! I love green because I love grass as it reminds me of summer! Beautiful post darling!

  11. Green is one of my favorite colors so this room has many brownie points in my book.

    The spin one is also the one I like best.

    Green carpet, however, might be one of the most silly things a person could have,unless it is just a rug...then that is fine if the rug has some fun or cool desing but green carpet??? A step too far, don't you think?

    Have a lovely week.
    Oh and by the way I love your blog, it is simply wonderful and fantastic combined.

    p.s. the code verification word is sirrodu, which may stand for foundue

  12. Why yes-- I will fix myself a cup of tea and stick around. :) I hate to be such a gushy fangirl, but I love your blog! Such great images.

  13. Dream Sequins ~ hello, oo I like the banner on your blog. Im having a read :-)

  14. This is so freaking cool. I want this room.

  15. If I had a lobby or waiting room of my own, I'd skip the bed and make this it. AAAAAH! It's awesome!


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