anyone else but you

photos by michikokusak We both have shiny happy fits of rage You want more fans, I want more stage I don't see what anyone can see ...

photos by michikokusak

We both have shiny happy fits of rage
You want more fans, I want more stage
I don't see what anyone can see
in anyone else but you

I'm having Juno withdraws, time for me to watch it again!

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  1. Amazing. This woman makes the trash bag look tres chic.

  2. @puglyfeet ~ doesnt she!!! haha, not many could look awesome in a trash bag.

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the photos & the lyrics from that song fit perfectly :)

    Juno is the modern classic x

  4. Juno is amazing. Two favourite bits:

    "You know you're so cool and you don't even have to try"
    "I try really hard actually."


    "You definitely bring something to the table"

    Hahaha oh those bits make me laugh everytime.

    Have you seen Nick and Norah's infinite playlist? I think you'd really like it too.

  5. @setyourselfonfire ~ hehe Juno is so hilarious. Ive been wanting to see Nick & Nora, its one of the movies I keep looking at and thinking about watching. But ill be sure to now :)

  6. Love both movies. Both are sweet and original! Isn't wonderful to watch movies with intelligent dialogue and great music?

    I think "Elizabetown" is the guy's point of view. Similar vibe with the other two movies.

    Have a wonderful night!

  7. Awww I love that movie. The song goes well with these phots.

  8. Aww, Juno love.

    Wonderful matching of photos and lyrics.

  9. i thought Juno was a complete stupid movie,but i actually loved it.Marvellous movie!and great songs.Love the photos by the way :=)

  10. @setyourselfonfire ~ Basically everything I wanted to say was already written in daydream lily's reply. I love the first quote especially. It's my favourite. I really really want to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (y). Does anyone know if it IS coming out in Australia? Ever?

    Don't tease me cos I havnt figured out how to reply to a comment. Haha.

  11. @Chelsea Ann ~ there isnt really a way to reply to a comment in blogger,least I havent discovered it yet. What you did is the general approach people take :) lets watch nick and nora. hehe. I'm super keen now. just gotta find where to get it.

  12. My very own favourite love song (in Juno)

    I'm Sticking With You (Velvet Underground)

    I'm sticking with you
    'Cos I'm made out of glue
    Anything that you might do
    I'm gonna do too
    ..... (and it goes on)

  13. i love juno and that song is one of my fave songs ever. always makes me smile, every time. and nick + norah is AMAZING! sadly though it isn't being released at the movies now (boo!) but apparently will be on dvd here later in the year. but if you are like me & couldn't wait - get it from amazon for cheap!

  14. "I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of a train
    I kiss you all starry eyed, my body's swinging from
    side to side
    I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
    But you"

    One of the best soundtracks ever, I love Juno!

    p.s. Hope you don’t mind but I put your header in my last post, because I refer your blog.

  15. I'm not sure how yo found me, but you've got ome hella good stalker-bloggin' skillz sister. well done on your blog.. and if that's you, i'm not tooo sure why you are dressed in a garbage bag, but i'm sure there's some deep-hidden theme somewhere there...

  16. i really enjoyed these pictures. such a fun and dreamy mood it has put me in. i am ready to daydream of saving someone's life while looking so stylish.

  17. I haven't seen Juno yet! I think it might be time for a trip to the video store...

  18. Juno is indeed a modern classic.
    I love how you are putting up lyrics under posts, someone once was saying to me that there is a special connection between photography and music. Must be true.

  19. not to self, garbage bags are sexy.


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