Engrave Your Book

Engrave Your Book , specialise in translating artwork and images onto hand-crafted leather Moleskine covers. My favourite is the owls by ...

Engrave Your Book, specialise in translating artwork and images onto hand-crafted leather Moleskine covers. My favourite is the owls by Los Angeles artist Christopher Bettig. You can also submit your own design to get made into a moleskin cover.

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  1. oo i want one, such a fab idea xoxo

  2. oh my gosh that second one is too perfect.

  3. these are to die for :) thanks for sharing!

  4. that is super cool.
    i would like one thanks.

  5. these are lovely. I want one for my notebook. I'm heading over there to check them out right now.

  6. thats a really cute idea. the owl one is deffo my fave! owls owls owls!

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  7. OMG those are gorgeous! seriously everything i love right now, and i think i seriously need that second one...looks like a bush married a troll!

  8. Oooh customizing, I love how other people come up with ideas for Moleskine other then Moleskine ... There's a company who can laser print the image directly on the Moleskine, but I forget the site, might be on my old computer, will have to check ...

    Oooh and Moleskine now comes in A4 and A4, something I've always wanted, bigger Moleskines


  9. Jules ~ oh do find that link, sounds awesome. And yes for A4 size!!!...I think the bigger sized cover i posted is for A4.

  10. oh love the first one!

    p.s you owe me an email! i wanna know how you've been!

  11. They are gorgeous! My boyfriend thinks I'm starting to look like an owl, I'm so fascinated them. I love the other ones too..

  12. Ooh wow, this is absolutely gorgeous!! And that lamp in the post before this one....too beautiful! <3

    Darling, i received Frankie!!
    I am SOO happy with it. I really can't thank you enough, you're too sweet and you made me very happy. It's an amazing mag!!

    Lots of love dear friend!


  13. for some reason these remind me of when i was younger. very creative and inventive idea! :)

  14. Wow, these are wonderful, I'd love to have one too :)
    The one at the bottom is my favorite of those *-*

  15. Oh god, I want one now! They're beautiful x

  16. It looks like being very beautiful work done here, there should not be any problems in selling these items, but maybe a problem following up to produce them fast enough for the costumers.

    Hope you have a very good life.

    Best greetings from

    Finn Zeigermann
    Esbjerg, Denmark


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