Blanket Magazine Project: Found In Translation

My sister, Bec recently took part in a collaborative project for online art magazine, Blanket. The project was a game of Chinese Whispers ...

My sister, Bec recently took part in a collaborative project for online art magazine, Blanket. The project was a game of Chinese Whispers involving a photographer, a writer and an artist. The results were fascinating.....

The Rules
• The photographer sends in a portrait.
• The portrait is sent to the writer (with no info on the person in the portrait).
• The writer writes a description of the person they see in the portrait.
• This description is then sent to an artist (without the original portrait) who then creates a portrait based on the description.

So Bec sent me a little sneak preview of her drawing before the magazine went live (it's the third picture posted here) and I thought it was amazing and stunning. Then when I downloaded the mag and saw the original photograph (click to see). All I could do was laugh!! Bec rang me and was like "did you see" then we just burst out laughing and talked about how she clearly has never been a big reader. But I don't think anyone could have predicted such a crazy original portrait.

You can read more about the project, and see the others who took part over here..

LINK: Blanket Magazine

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  1. OH, my. That sounds exciting! And what a awe-strucking illustration; I wish I was that good!

  2. that is a lovely drawing with the peacock feather lady. your sisters art is very inspiring. <3

  3. HAHAHAHA! i just did the same thing! i cracked up when i saw the original photo compared to Becs drawing. i dont think Bec is capable of drawing 'true' beauty...naaah! JUST KIDDING! i find Becs pieces are of beauty almost etheral. you get lost in them. but that lady with no teeth! priceless. what a good idea overall. im going to do one:)

  4. What a fantastic idea! I just love it... Your sisters created portrait is gorgeous!!

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  6. this sounds like a really cool project! im going to have to check out blanket magazine now, it looks like a really well designed magazine, and im a sucker for good design.

    -kevin of

  7. Haha oh my god, did Bec even READ the written piece AT ALL?! Hilarity!

  8. WOW was not expecting that! What a cool idea though!

  9. Now that was a Laugh Out Loud moment!

  10. hahah, this has made my day!
    bec is a ture isperation. I bet that lady will be truly umm thankfull for the drawing. tehe

    I had seen this somewhere, thought is was the best idea.
    oh my mum knows bec, because she works as a graphic design teacher at tafe in Wang that your sis went to! weird ay, such a small world.

    haha, hope all things are well (sorry for the long comment)
    X.x erica

  11. Bec's drawing is just stunning, my jaw may just have dropped a little, soooo gorgeous...

    awww old gap-tooth would be chuffed with this interpretation, i cant wait to see the others!

    designers definitely draw better than they read
    (or spell in my case... it took me 5 goes at 'definitely' before the squiggly red line went away)

  12. Yep, they are quite different! if you would like to read my response to seeing the photo, AFTER i drew my interpretation, you can see them here....


  13. what a difference! That sounds like a really cool project though.


  14. That is a really interesting design! :)

  15. OMG, what a fun project. your sister is amazing. funny funny.

  16. that's such a cool idea! love it

  17. Your sister's work is gorgeous! Spine chillingly beautiful. But when I saw the original picture I couldn't stop laughing out loud for about 5 minutes. Genius! So funny :-)

  18. Lol that's actually hilarious!
    And a totally great idea!!!

  19. nice layout and i like the photo too.


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