Weekend Link Love 15.08.09

New illustration find, French illustrator Antoinette Fleur {featured} Loving this Heart dress and this Pretty Cardigan from New Zealand ...

And some giveaways happening in the blogosphere...

I'm off to watch Season 4 of Desperate Housewives, last weekend I watched season 3. I love sitting and watching a whole season at once! Then I might do some sorting out of my cupboards and wardrobe, so many things I need to take to the secondhand shop. It will feel good to be all organised again. Ive been neglecting the housework over winter oh and my garden really needs some love....hmm a busy weekend for me!

Enjoy your weekend

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  1. Ooo thank you for including my giveaway!
    Love love that illustration.

  2. that is such a good illustrator! I loved her drawings!
    I wish I could watch the fourth season of desperate housewives!

    well, have fun!!

  3. liss you are so lovely, thanks for posting the links! <3

    have a great weekend friend!


  4. hi
    just recently i discovered your blog, and i love it, such a beautiful place, and with lot of inspiration, your interview is great, something that you mentioned there about the dark period (the break up part) put me thinking since i'm in the same situation but thanks to blogs like this, not depressing images in my mind, only pretty things :)

  5. Your blog is seriously the coolest thing I've seen in a long long time :)

  6. hey, thanks for the links....

  7. In love with those illustrations!! Fantastic inspirational find :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, and like you I love watching an entire season at once, pure addiction.


  8. i'm adoring that illustrator, wow.
    great post!

  9. the links are both helpful and beautiful ♥

    hope u have a happy and productive weekend :)

  10. Hi liss
    I just lately found your wonderful blog thanks for this round up. It's so useful!
    Incase you'd like to mention it I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog www.secretsofabutterfly.typepad.co.uk
    till 21st of Aug. It's a Shana Rae Florabella photographic print. You probably know shana's gorgeous flower and children photos from Flickr
    will keep popping back to read you.... Love kat (uk)

  11. watching an entire season of a tv series without stopping other than to eat and sleep is just excellent. Simply adorable.

  12. hello liss ~

    thank you for the link to vote etsy. i am glad to see people are enjoying the site.

    btw, your blog is beautiful.


  13. Wow! I adore those illustrations! They're beautiful!

  14. I enjoy reading your blog so much, have a lovely weekend(and good luck with the gardening).

  15. I love the color and craziness of Antoinette's lines- and her name is impossibly wonderful.

  16. have a wonderful weekend!! i love that illustration.

  17. @oh, hello friend. ~ your welcome, they're great tutorials!!

    @Graeme ~ hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. And I love the vote Etsy concept.

    @Sigrid ~ yep I hear you!!! I only stopped to make cups of tea and eat lunch. haha.

  18. HOW good is the sunglass girl?
    she's going up on my artist wall for sure

    looking forward to going through the link love with half decent aussie internet connection and a cup of real tea. yay.

    p.s. tips on where to go in sydney/melbourne would be so appreciated...

  19. x

    oh my goodness thats gorrrrgeous!!!

    i love the coloured inky goodness!!!!


  20. this illustration is so adorable, your blog makes me happy with all your lovely finds

  21. That illustration is fabulous!
    So colourful and yet so chic.

    Florrie x

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    Have a nice day!


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