Calling All Local Artists

Leeloo is celebrating it's 2nd birthday , by holding an exhibition and opening night party. Titled Once Upon , Leeloo is currently ...

Leeloo is celebrating it's 2nd birthday, by holding an exhibition and opening night party.

Titled Once Upon, Leeloo is currently seeking talented artists within the Australian community for an exhibition to be held at aMBUSH gallery in Sydney from Thursday 19th November.

Submissions are due by 18th September; Visit Leeloo or contact Renee[[@]] for more info on how you can take part.

P.S....and youll get to exhibit with my sis Bec Winnel, who is one of the LeeLoo artists.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it's a pity I'm only just beginning to stand on my feet again with art and don't have anything to submit - it's been a while.


  2. Nice blog, lily!

    See my blog and u'll surprise for it!

    See ya!

  3. Hi Lily!

    We would love to do a write up of this in our Sydney blog, so thanks for passing the info on!

    And we'd like to write about your sis, too, actually... check out the site and contact me if you/she's keen... :)

    Seema x

  4. @Seema ~ yes do a writeup, the more people know about it the better!!

  5. this exhibition is going to be smashing!
    im taking part too, and im so excited to see one of bec's pieces up close on the opening night.


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