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I got this award and tag from the lovely Kisses and Cross Stitches . I'm pretty bad at doing these but I thought Id make an effort this...

I got this award and tag from the lovely Kisses and Cross Stitches. I'm pretty bad at doing these but I thought Id make an effort this time and do it!

so here we go...

1. Where is your cell phone: In my handbag
2. Your hair: currently a horrible mess!! I'm growing a blunt fringe out and have honey blonde foils that need retouching.
3. Your favorite food: chocolate, but that's more a sweet. So favourite food would be chicken parmigiana, tacos, hmm pizza, roast..and..and..too many to list
4. Your dream from last night: I cant remember, but its was something weird and random
5. Your favorite drink: Coffeeeeeeee or tea. I switch between them
6. Your dream/goal: to be exactly where I'm meant to be, the hard part is figuring that out.
7. What room are you in: my office
8. What are your hobbies: blogging, opshopping, reading, making shit, photography, finding new music and making mix cds, growing succulents in old milo tins and kettles, long walks on the beach. hah!
9. What is your fear: spiders really freak me out!! or never having enough time to do and achieve all th things I want to.
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: happy and successful
11. Where were you last night: Having a family dinner at my mums
12. Something you are not: patient
13. Muffins: yum, but im on a healthy eating plan...any healthy muffin recipes?
14. Wish list items: new lens for my DSLR, new summer wardrobe, lots of dresses and some new pretty shoes.
15. Where did you grow up: in a little country town in NSW, Australia
16. Last thing you did: finished my coffee and thought about getting another one.
17. What are you wearing: Courtney Brims maxi-tee for element, blue skinny jeans and white converse
18. Your TV: doesn't go on much, its more a device for playing DVDs
19. Your pets: Two Maltese x shit zu dogs and a cat
20. Your friends: Are a mixed bunch of creatives, academics, athletes, and other wonderfully life enriching people. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends!
21. Your favorite store: bookstores, especially ones that let you have coffee and browse at your leisure.
22. Your favorite color: PINK oh and white and grey.

I pass this on to everyone who wants to do the post. Comment me to let me know you've joined in.

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  1. I think I like this.. May I copy this n anwser on my own?? (^.^)

  2. I like this also. May I do the same?

  3. "What are your hobbies: making shit" <--that made me blunt! haha :D

  4. @Finnie @Gosia, of course go for it!!

    @Cassandra, haha I didnt know how else to put it. and just to check if people actually read these things!! lol

  5. Hi Liss, I've just posted a recipe for honey, macademia and pecan cupcakes on my blog..they're not muffins but an excellent healthy alternative- no sugar at all so totally guilt-free :)!

  6. @Faye ~ oh sounds excellent. Ill have a look!

  7. i adore your blog. i did the little tag myself :) have a lovely weekend.

  8. I have a Maltese Shih Tzu too!! her name is Hazel and she is a menace at times, but a cute cuddly menace.

  9. Reminds me of the myspace bulletins people do...but much more indepth. Haha. I did it too :)

  10. Your answer to Question 6 has made me feel so much better that someone else feels like that!!!

  11. I've joined in! :)


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