A little story with no meaning

A little Stop Motion video by Sophie Takes Pictures . So cute, I hope she makes some more! Does anyone know what the song is? Passion Pit...

A little Stop Motion video by Sophie Takes Pictures. So cute, I hope she makes some more! Does anyone know what the song is? Passion Pit - Cuddly Fuddle (thanks Isabella R.). If you know any other great Stop Motion videos please do share, I'm loving this style of film.

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Happy Friday!

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  1. passion pit- cuddle fuddle

  2. @Isabella R. ~ oh thank you thank you. Im going to look it up straight away!

  3. Cute video! I wish it was longer though!

  4. that was so cute. I actually did make a stop motion, which I put on youtube, but it was my first one and it wasn't that good. :)
    I find these inspiring though.

  5. This is wonderful! Love it! The only other stop motion videos I can think of are those Target "every colour you can dream of" ads. Oh and there's a Lisa Mitchell one which is cute (for the song Incomplete Lullaby). Definitely suggest you check that one out. And there's one by Bob Evans (Hand Me Downs film clip) but it's not that great (I don't know, something about it just doesn't seem *right*). And there's the "Her Morning Elegance" one by Oren Lavie that was all over youtube.

    ... yeaaahhh, I went through a bit of a stop motion phase a while back


  6. that is so super cute, it made my day.

  7. It's the song that makes this video so charming... that and the little paper fish. Here's a really cute stop motion video to share...


  8. so sweet! A friend of mine made this a while ago


    - more aimed a kids i think - everything is made from recycled fabric.


  9. oh i love her! i think that she has a few more on her blog. gorgeous song too xx

  10. That is so lovely !!

    I love this one;

  11. Air Supply came into my sense, of course!

    DB, Taipei

  12. that was the most lovely video : )

    this is a video i made (i am hoping that posting your own video doesn't come accross as the worst thing possible)

    http://www.vimeo.com/5762570 jennie x

  13. oh that was nice, thank you for posting this about my video! but you know I just couldnt stand it anymore, so I removed it from vimeo.It was a bit you know, pointless ...


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