yay its the weekend

Fashion illustration by Andre Azevedo , Brazil. I'm off to do some vintage shopping in St kilda today, with my brother and his girlfr...

Fashion illustration by Andre Azevedo, Brazil.

I'm off to do some vintage shopping in St kilda today, with my brother and his girlfriend Noshin. Also taking my mini Diana to finally try it out and get used to the settings etc..

Happy Weekend !

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  1. ahh... vintage shopping... so fun!!!

  2. Gorgeous!
    What are your recommends for Vintage shops in St Kilda? I know there is a new-ish Vintage store on Fitzroy Street.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Happy weekend to you too! The drawing is beautiful! Vintage shopping with vintage cameras sounds amazing! ESPECIALLY in Austrailia!

  4. Wow! These illustrations are amazing! So inspirational - thank you!
    Have fun doing the vintage thang ;) Can't wait to see how your mini Diana photos turn out - I am so wanting one of those lovelies. K

  5. @White Tea ~ there was only a couple in St Kilda, we ended up going to Chapel street, there is a whole heap of vintage shops at the windsor end.

  6. This illustration is simply gorgeous! Enjoy your shopping!

    Il Mare Atelier

  7. great picture, and thank god it's the weekend.
    have fun shopping in st kilda.
    any good vintage shops? i'd love to know.

  8. Vintage shopping in the weekend sounds lovely! Have a great time!

  9. I always wanted to learn how to illustrate! Have fun shopping - vintage shopping is my favorite! Sorry I've been MIA - been working on the new site. This is not easy stuff, as you know. Your site is still the best! xx

  10. Ooo I took my diana mini out to play for the first time last week. Have fun! I've put mine on the setting with the two rectangular photos on one frame - still trying to figure it out, mainly whether i've wound it on too much or not!

  11. Oh my gosh i LOVED the windsor end of Chapel st when i was there! So many good finds.

    P.s you might like my blog but YOURS is MY favourite. I think i come on here everyday hoping to see your latest find haha. You have a talent of finding everything i love!


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