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Melbourne street artist MISO is having a solo show at Gorker Gallery, opening next week. The gallery is going to be filled with floor to c...

Melbourne street artist MISO is having a solo show at Gorker Gallery, opening next week. The gallery is going to be filled with floor to ceiling paste-ups representing her home town Kharkov, Ukraine. Portraits of strangers in the street, of friends, folk stories and things otherwise forgotten, turned into a city built from paper, material and decaying wood. It will be her most ambitious installation & gallery show yet!

Miso ~ Tchusse
Opening Night: Thursday, 3rd December {6-9 pm}
Gorker Gallery – crnr Gore & Kerr Streets, Melbourne.

The exhibition will run until 20th December;

PS. For those outside Australia, she has exhibited at Think Space Gallery in Los Angeles before. I'm not sure what other international shows she's done, but if you're planning a trip to Australia you can find her work in the famous laneways of Melbourne.

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  1. Miso is a very talented artist however when ever I see her works in a gallery situation I'm always very disappointed. Hope she does a better job this time.

  2. Hmmm...I honestly can't make up my mind whether I like it or not based on the pictures. It would be amazing if she ever toured to the U.S. :o)

  3. these are very intriguing...great work.


  4. oh yesss! love miso's work, cannot wait to check out this exhibition :)

  5. WOW that sounds so interesting!! o.O


  6. I'd never heard of Miso before but I'm liking this take on street art. xx

  7. loving the stencil-inspired look of the first piece!
    i started following your blog recently, such a nice read


  8. Anything about Miso's work in France ??

  9. @Anais ~ no, but if you ever come to Australia you can find her work around the streets of Melbourne. I think she has only exhibited in Los Angeles other then Australia.

  10. @Anais ~ oh we also have a Fafi work in a laneway in Melbourne, she painted it live on a visit to Melbourne a few years back. I love her work!! if I ever go to France im going to try to find her work around the streets over there.

  11. second one is so amazing

  12. Wow, this is so wonderful, I wish I could go and have a look by myself, sigh!

  13. Nice artwork! I'd love to see it in real!

    Love, E

  14. Hi Liss, thanks for sharing (again).

    I truely love Miso's work; I wish I was there and could see with my own eyes... let's hope one day she'll be exhibiting in Europe!

    Love from Amsterdam!


  15. These are kind of unique!
    Really cool if you ask me!

  16. I love love love street art! These are gorgeous!

  17. It Looks a bit plain.


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